I don’t know why I kept thinking that this post will write itself.

Happpppyyyy New Year People!!!

January has just been flying by and it’s the 25th day already!!! How are you guys doing and how has the year been? I have been abit recluse this January for the singular reason that I just wanted some alone time to get my routine on a lock-down.

2015! Oh, what can I say? Phewwww!

I had an idea that my life was gonna change at the beginning of the year but I had no clue how much it would. I was basically going through a routine of going to work, church and home (Which I wrote about here).  It left me largely unmotivated and I didn’t even feel like posting on my blog or anywhere else, You know those times when you just want to disappear and go in a cave? Yep! The first half of the year was like that for me.

By March we had chosen a date for the wedding and I was excited and looking forward to that but what most of you don’t know is that, by June/July it was already looking like there was not going to be a wedding! I mean, after all the planning! Hubby was going through alot in that period and he was so distracted, it affected our relationship and  I was left with planning the wedding by myself for the most part. His mum called me to tell me not to worry that I should just continue with my plans but honestly at that point I wasn’t even motivated. About 1-2 weeks to the wedding, Things started looking up and it could’ve only been God because we had kinda given up.

For the other half of the year, I was aloooot happier! You can even tell from my posting more frequently but I had inner battles mostly based on my belief of God. I had changed churches and I used to go to another one during the week, so you can imagine how my inside was messed up. Which is why I am a very firm believer in one reading the Bible for themselves and KNOWING God for themselves. In the Church I go to before I got married, we had Bible Challenges to encourage us to read the Bible for ourselves and that had messed up my theology and changed my paradigm. Then I started going to 2 other churches and what you hear is scriptures taken out of context and compared to what you’ve read in the Bible outright lies. Sometimes, I went to these churches because I was amused at what I was hearing and out of curiosity sometimes but I noticed I started having battles inside of me comparing what this pastor said to what that pastor said and downright judging them. I knew it wasn’t healthy. I altogether stopped going for the midweek services I used to go for and after discussing, we also changed our church. 

All of my 2015 was nonetheless a great year and it ended on a high note of welcoming the newest addition to Our family!! My beautiful Niece!

I shared what I am grateful for at the Scarlet Letter. It was a year of growth and transition. I can say that I have fully transitioned into being a Mrs now and more settled into my routine but still doing some trial and error here and there. I am very grateful for the Man God has blessed me with for his grace upon our lives.

I moved my blog to WordPress (Finally!) after trying and failing once. I didn’t want to switch because when you do, you may come with all your posts but not all your stats but I did anyways and I must say that its not been bad at all. I am glad I made the change. The post that got the highest views and comments in 2015 was Tunde’s story followed by the Becoming Mrs O series. I am excited about this blog.

I want to say a huge Thank you to Rhapsody for constantly checking on me these past weeks! I really appreciate it! And to Tolu for letting me know when my website was down, I am sooo grateful! God bless you both! To everyone that has taken time to check on me send me emails and I have connected with through this blog. Thank yoooou!!! God bless you.

Here is to 2016

  • A Year of the Lord.
  • A Year of doing his will.
  • A Year of proclaiming him unapologetically.
  • A Year of getting rid of the ‘My’ Mentality.
  • A Year of ruling out fear.
  • A Year of not wanting anything but Jesus
  • 2016! The Year of the Lord!!!!

Looking forward to an amazing year!



Written by Arike