30 lessons in 30 years

I made a list of 30 lessons I have learnt in 30 years. The lessons I have learnt in my short life is largely because of the shoulder of giants that I stand on, piggybacking on the experiences of the older women and men I hang around and I am so thankful for these people in my life. Here are my 30 lessons. 

  1. Put God first in all you do 
  2. Don’t ignore your gifts 
  3. Ruthlessly go after what you want 
  4. Be unapologetically different 
  5. Explore all your talents 
  6. Give of yourself generously 
  7. Start saving your money early 
  8. Stand up for what you believe
  9. Don’t be timid 
  10. Confront your demons 
  11. Challenge what you believe
  12. Challenge your belief system 
  13. Be spiritual, not religious 
  14. Be willing to sacrifice 
  15. Speak the truth always 
  16. Hard work pays 
  17. Give your all into what you do 
  18. Let excellence be your watchword 
  19. Raise the next generation in your care with reverence and intentionality 
  20. Nothing is too hard for God 
  21. God is sovereign 
  22. Be your greatest cheerleader 
  23. People will betray you don’t pay evil for evil 
  24. Set healthy boundaries 
  25. Love with your all without expecting anything in return
  26. Don’t let love make you into who you are not 
  27. Death is inevitable, grieve 
  28. Don’t stay in abusive relationships 
  29. Forgive 
  30. Let people know where you stand early! 

I am super grateful for every experience that has brought me to this point in my life, the lost opportunities, the moments of confusion, the moments of clarity, every decision, it was/is all worth it! 

What are the greatest lessons in your journey of life that you have learnt? 



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