About a week or 2 ago, I was in a funk and opening up to my husband about it. He then goes ahead to say “Remember in Agents of shield, when blah blah blah” I can’t really remember the exact example he gave to help me understand his point that was to make me feel better in that moment, what I do remember afterwards was me saying to myself “How did he get all that from the show” *Insert wide eyes here*


You see, both of us had been watching the show together and only one of us learnt something, but that is not the point of this article.

I got envious of this ‘gift’ of seeing beyond the surface. I also wanted to learn something and while Mr O got too busy to watch the show with me, I continued, only this time, I was going to learn something. Anything. It finally hit me at the end of the 3rd season. The lesson I need to learn is exactly what the show is about.

A team of people working together towards the same goal… Now, the question whether the different teams is for or against is an entirely different story. It really got me thinking. Here are my 4 lessons from binge watching Agents of Shield;


The power of ONE;

I definitely saw myself as an agent. The agents in the show – although with their individual differences – came together as one when it was time to go on a mission. They focused on getting the job done. Seeing all of us as followers of Christ, our mission is one and we are supposed to come together as ONE to get the job done. We put aside whatever differences we have to focus on that mission. Our mission: “Make Disciples of all nation”


Taking Orders; From the show I learnt that there are people who already long enough in the system to know that you take orders regardless of how you ‘feel’ about those orders. It’s not your call but the director’s and on the flip side there are agents who have trouble taking orders or don’t understand why we just have to “do what he says” but they are trained and tested till they can take orders or get kicked off the team. As a follower of Christ, I have to remember that in executing his mission, I have to do it his way. I have to be willing to follow those orders not because I am a puppet but because it’s what I signed up for when I willingly joined the agency which is why I should know exactly what the cost of following Jesus is.


Losing some; Having to say goodbye to some of their agent friends who either died on the mission or left along the way is a reminder that it will not all be rosy but there will be those times inevitable where we would lose some on this journey but as followers of Christ, our attitude will be different because, we have be warned ahead and we didn’t really lose in that sense of the word.
Staying Focused; You’d often times hear different agents especially Agent May say “That’s not the mission” especially when they have an emotional entanglement to the other option available. The show has taught me focus, focus on the mission sent and to not be distracted by things that seem like a good idea but is not the mission.

Any lessons you’re learning recently?



Written by Arike