5 things I am Thankful for

Hello People,

How are you all doing today? Today was not one of the best days and I have been having issues with this wordpress – I think it’s because it needs an update – However, I decided to look beyond myself and be Thankful irrespective of what the day brings. Here’s a list of what I am Thankful for this week;

  • Memories: I have gone through some old pictures, read some old articles and just basically remembered what life has always been like for me and how it’s changed from what I imagined. I am grateful to be able to look back and appreciate the woman I have become.
  • Music: Just like I shared yesterday. I’m grateful for the huge role music has played in my life.
  • Lime: I bought lime from my mum about 2 weeks ago and I have been drinking my water with lime, it just makes it less bleh.
  • Friendship: The fact that we’ve not been together in a while and only see ourselves once in like 5 months, it’s incredibly amazing that you can still count on them to have your back and you also being there for them when it’s needed. The bond is amazing and I am go glad for those friendships.
  • Challenges: This past week, I started this October challenge and also a 40 days Bible Challenge. Frankly, for someone that can easily be tossed by her mood this has really pushed me to look beyond all of that and stick to my commitment to write everyday and also study my Bible everyday. I am really really grateful for that and I look forward to how this is going to change by perspective by the end of the month!

What are you grateful for?




  1. Today I’m grateful for the challenges I’ve faced in the last few weeks at work. It has made me more resilient in depending on God to achieving my dreams.

    1. Arike says:

      Growth!! Thank God.

  2. Itunu says:

    It’s good to be grateful. God has been teaching me this and it helps one not to magnify our situations over our blessings-be it past, present and future.
    I’m forever grateful for God, Jesus and the HolySpirit. I’m grateful He chose me, chose to love me and chose to have me. That the King of the Universe chose to express Himself through me.

    Thankful for love and life.

    Much love. xo!

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