5 ways of dealing with Envy

Social media has made the world a global village, it comes with fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The fact that you can literally now see and know what is going on in other people’s lives by the click of a button can breed on of the disadvantages; Envy.

Once upon a time if you were not told physically what was happening, there was no way of you knowing but this day and age brings to your attention things that people you don’t even know or have a relationship with are doing in their lives, gradually, one begins to feel discontent with his/her life if it doesn’t measure up to the “standard” that is being set.

I saw a question asked by someone online and since it was something I had dealing with, I wanted to share what it is that has helped me in dealing with envy in general.

Carry your eye: After complaining about some of the things I saw online that I didn’t quite agree with to my husband, he simply responded ‘So, why are you still following them?” That simple statement made me think. I needed to apply it to my life, if it is bothering you so much and there is nothing you can do about it at that point, Carry your eyes. In the areas where I started experiencing envy toward some people, I had to keep them out of my focus and eventually out of sight, out of mind. Change your focus, you have to train your heart/mind to not focus on the subject on the subject of your envy.


Understand Perception: People can make you see what they want you to see, how they want you to perceive it and why they want you to see it. While you might not be in the class of people who strategically live their lives (Which is not a bad thing), I am aware of people that do that and based on that strategy they are careful as to how they are being portrayed.  The down side to it is that other people might look from the outside of their lives which is based on a perception and not necessarily reality and you might be wishing they’ve got their lives. Understand that alot of things are based on perception and we have to be careful who/what we envy because most of it are just half truths and others based on a reality that isn’t even realistic.


Make a firm decision: You have to make up your mind to not get envious regardless of anything. There’s such a huge difference after you make the decision. It will not be like flipping a switch but you’d be well on the journey. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step right? Right!


“The grass is greener where you water it” Neil Barringham


Focus on your garden: It’s time for you to focus on your garden. What exactly is making you dissatisfied with your life? The time spent used in moping and having bitterness in your heart towards someone can be invested in making your own grass greener. There’s so much that can be done, take it one day at a time and then just do it!


Pray for them: When the Lord said “Pray for your enemies” He had a good idea what the effect will be. Praying for someone you envy has a way of softening your heart towards the person and letting go of any bitterness the envy might have caused. It also forces you to wish them well. That is major and gradually before you know it, you are totally okay and hearing their name won’t make your green!


Bear in mind that, It is not automatically going to be like flipping a switch, it’s a journey that you embark upon and decisions you make everyday to put into perspective what is most important and not be distracted by anyone and anything.
Every experienced envy in any form? How did you go through it?



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