Happy International Women’s day!!! #BeBoldforChange

Happy New Month People! How has the first week of March been for you? I kept postponing writing this post because there’s just been so much going on around and before you say “Jack robinson” 24 hours is gone *Phew* I would say February was a good and productive month but with the way March is going and me already dropping the ball, I doubt I would be able to say so for this Month. Pray for a Sister!

So? What was I up to this February?

Personal Goals: This year, I just didn’t want to deceive my self by creating goals that I won’t follow through on, What I did however was to just commit to being consistent with everything that I am responsible for. I have like 3 Jobs and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t dropping the ball. I would say for this month I did a pretty good Job in delivering on those fronts and We tried to hire a domestic staff which didn’t go too well but with the help of Mr O we have been coping very well on the home front too, We now have a new recipe called “Couples Jollof rice” and it’s absolutely delish! I must confess though, Mr O does like 70% but I am not complaining.

Business/Work Goals: I had mentioned in my January recap that we had a few things planned out to achieve in the first quarter of the year, We have started working on them and there’s been slow but huge progress and inevitably we would have to carry over some of our to-do list to the next quarter but that would be okay, as long as we are making progress. I learnt a few things about doing business one of things I learnt is “If it’s too good to be true, it really is” “Be ready to cut your loss and move on”.

My other 2 Jobs: I must say that I was really impressed with myself and my ability to follow through. What helped me was planning ahead of time, every Sunday I wrote out a to-do list for the week and made sure that I did at least 90% or 100% for the day. I also wrote out titles and my articles for the month at the beginning of the month (Thanks Ebun for the Tip) it really helped me not slack.

Events: It was Mr O’s Birthday and we didn’t do anything really, Just bought a cake and celebrated with Fotolighthouse Staff. I am looking forward to next year’s Birthday, it’s going to be a milestone! Whoop!!

Books: I FINALLY finished the book I started in January *Phew*. I should’ve written a review for We Read Books blog but I am still yet to get to that x_x I need to write it on my to-do list. I have started another book “The E-Myth” I just try to read a chapter every other night, no pressure!

I DRAGGED US OUT!!!!!!! We went out for lunch at Oceans Basket. Yes!! This is a big deal, we never really get to do anything per say, because we are always together it doesn’t feel like we NEED to actually go out and I know that we have to be deliberate about it as a couple if we want it to happen but o boy! before you know time has gone but this time, we actually did it and we had fun, enjoyed the food and had a good laugh.

The Calamari Salad was the bomb.com

Low Moments: I developed a cold sore (for the first time in my life) the week after and it hurt seriously.

The thing got a bit bigger before it started healing

 Highest Moments: I had my photograph taken by the best photographer alive (Yes!! Mr O). I am not sharing :p

Blog: I managed to put up 3 articles this last month and How my marriage helped me understand God’s love language has the highest stats so far. One thing that has become tiring about blogging is the fact that you now have to promote it alot and frankly it takes the joy away from it, can’t people just come and visit your blog? -_- Sigh!

Song of the moment: With Everything – Hillsong and Thrive- Casting Crowns! – You should really listen to them.

March Goals

I just want this month to be a quiet one for me, I have just deleted all the social media application on my phone except whatsapp (I chat with my sisters and parents on there) I just want to focus on the finishing most of the back-log of work I have and just not be to involved with what the world is involved at the moment. So far so good.

What was your February like? What do you hope to achieve this March? Let’s talk!






Written by Arike