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Welcome to the Counter Culture!!!

It’s so good to have you here!!!

My Name is Tomilola Olatunde and I manage this space. As a disciple of Christ, I’ve learnt that we are going to be living a counter cultural lifestyle. We are going against the norm of culture, society and religion. Over the years this blog has evolved to what you now see. Right now, it is a lifestyle blog. I mean it is literally the lifestyle of a disciple of Christ, which I am growing to be my reality  and hoping it will be yours too – by God’s grace –

What is the purpose of this blog you might ask?

  • To show the counter cultural lifestyle we have been called to as disciples of Christ according to God’s word
  • Challenge our status quo – Our cultural mould, societal mould and religious mould
  • Encourage and inspire one another to be obedient to God’s instructions
  • Encourage ourselves to unlearn and learn of God ourselves.

What would you be seeing?

  • Bible study! Plenty Bible study
  • Bible Living! Plenty Bible Living – By God’s grace
  • My marriage experience
  • Business experience working with my Husband – Photography
  • Videos
  • Discipleship Corner – Interview of other disciples of Christ/articles from disciples/videos/guest entries

So? Wanna Join me? Let’s follow Christ’s Culture!!!

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