Are you over analysing and missing out?

“I’m tired of being inside my head. I want to live out here, with you.”  – Colleen McCarty, Mounting the Whale


You know how Facebook sends you 4 years back “On this day”? It’s always been bitter-sweet for me to see some of those updates because they mostly contain links, links to my old blog. Sometimes I cringe reading some of the old posts and other times I just have a very sweet smile on my face. Looking back at those times and how easy it was for me to just click the “publish” button makes me miss those times. I won’t say i’ve changed but I think the world has become a more global village and what didn’t use to be a cause for concern, now is.

At the time, once I was convinced in my spirit that I could put something out there, I didn’t care if it was sensitive information that could hurt me in future or just simple random things, I just put it out there and share away. Overtime (due to alot of factors) I have become overly cautious and shielded myself from being vulnerable online. One of the reasons I started writing was to share my life and be generous with it without holding back, talking about the things that everyone doesn’t want to talk about from my experience and if I’ve not experienced it use my platform to tell it from another person’s experience and I have over analysed and missed out on what it is that I originally set out to do.

16 Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand – shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven. Matt 5:16 MSG

My concerns ranges from monitoring sprits online (You really don’t want to see what I get from my stats that people are searching about me) to “Who is really reading this stuff anyways?” then I don’t finish the article in my journal or in my draft and stick to the safe stuff. I have quite a number of titles with unwritten articles and a number of drafts too. To think that one of the things my husband loves about me is the ability to not over analyse stuff and just go for it then think about it later and correct any mistakes. Like, I hit publish and edit the article after, not waiting for the conditions to be perfect before things are done, while I still have that to some degree and for some other things like making business decisions etc. somewhere along the line I lost it for this blog and I am hoping this challenge will help me get back.

What I am saying is this, sometimes we tend to over analyse things/ideas/business/anything, and the key word here being “over”, so much that it gets overwhelming and we don’t do anything all together and the world is missing out on the awesomeness that it could’ve birthed or you(the creative) will be missing out on the growth that could’ve happened to you in that process. I understand the need to get things right, put your best foot forward and get it out to the world perfectly but trust me if it is not perfect, the world will be alright. I had to remind myself that being careful about “my life” can be a legit reason for me to not want to be vulnerable about it, but I have to understand that it is way beyond me. There is a responsibility to deliver as a steward of the life that God has given me and I must not forget that.

I really want to encourage us to stop over analysing and getting overwhelmed – If you are anything like me – and get things done.

Do you over analyse stuff before you eventually do it? Has it helped or done otherwise? Talk to me! 




  1. MichaEl says:

    Overanalyzing, something I’ve been susceptible to in the past myself. But not anymore. Not anymore.

    I think it’s had more minuses than pluses. A lot I probably would have done but didn’t because of the concerns of “how will it appear?” “will it work?” and “what if it’s not perfect and this is noticed? Wouldn’t I appear to be not as good as I think I am?”

    But then, just like God turns ashes into beauty, I think this is a phase which He hasn’t actually caused to happen but can cause to turn out to our good. It’s just part of a process which can only result in one getting better.

    I’ve learnt (and maybe you have too) a few lessons e.g. how analysing still holds its place as long as its not excessive. Maybe someone who’s embarking on a similar journey will gain something from this experience I’ve had. So we move on without regrets.

    In the end, I guess what’s most important is that we come to realize that we play mainly for an audience of One. The world is also so important, but He is more and if He says go ahead, we move. I even call the Bible a book of ‘Mad Men’. ? “Peter leave the boat and walk on water!” Peter’s initial analysis could have been, “Well, since Jesus is the one who has spoken then I’ll be fine,” and that was perfect. But the moment he began overanalyzing, thinking, “what if I’m swallowed up by these waves, what if, what if?” that moment he began sinking.

    We miss out a bit on the magic, the beautiful stories that would have been when we hold back much. The world will be fine just like you’ve said. And as Alesia Crown says in reference to the world, “maybe we are born blind.” Maybe the world we are concerned about doesn’t see the way it should. Maybe.

    And since God is the Guide, we can only win in all of this.

    Wow! I just typed an epistle!

    1. Arike says:

      Yes, I do agree that analysing holds its place and as you said we move on without regrets because this comfort we have received will be used to comfort others. Yes!! The world will be fine as we play for the audience of one and we can only win!!! I do appreciate your comment.

      Good to see you here again. btw, I don’t know which is your current url now o.

      1. MichaEl says:

        ? It does feel good to be here again. I now live at

        I’m glad that you asked.

        1. Arike says:

          Will check it out!

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