I am glad you asked.

If you don’t know me very well you definitely wouldn’t know that I am a very skeptical person. It’s a part of me that I keep locked away for just the people that are ready for that part of me. I started going to a fellowship where they genuinely cared about people that came there, Imagine my level of skepticism. I mean, it is very hard these days to see anyone that really cares about you without wanting anything in return.

After our 2-3 hours (depending on the level of gist) fellowship the leader will go around the room asking what anyone needed; spiritual, physical, business, emotional or the whole 9.

“Like you really care”

“This won’t last” my skeptical mind will keep going on and on, but week after week I heard it again and I saw people’s needs being met by just a fellowship of believers that want to just love like God instructed. I started to feel at ease in the meeting but not at ease enough to open up and say that I needed anything. I decided one Friday to go back home and check if I needed anything just so I could say something in the next meeting – for the sake of it.

“I need like a photography mentor” I said when it was my turn to speak the next friday, something I knew was probably too far fetched but I said it anyways.

“See me after, I have someone for you” my pastor said. I stood there waiting to scribble down the number as he searched through his phone “Just tell him from me, and tell him what you want. Although we have not spoken in a while but he will answer you” I gave him my signature ‘are you sure?’ look and he assured me. I scribbled the number and made up my mind to give the person a call.

Naturally, I went to google to see what I could find on him. An empty blog, No pictures, No social media, Just his company website, his photography work and a very old article someone he mentored wrote about him. I was encouraged. I decided to call. I suddenly became nervous and started pacing around the office wondering what I would say or how I would react if he wasn’t nice. After calming myself down abit, I made the call and he was so nice and welcoming, fixed an appointment with me for the next weekend which I missed. I can’t exactly remember the details of my reason for missing the appointment but I was too embarrassed about it and didn’t even call to let him know. He had tagged me ”Unserious” and “One of them”

I gave him a call about a week later to apologise and to find out if he would be nice enough to fix another appointment with me, Once again he was welcoming and expressed his disappointment that I missed the earlier appointment without letting him know, this time we fixed the date on a public holiday (May 29) and I was very sure I couldn’t afford to miss it this time.

I had seen a picture that was the profile picture for his true caller or so I thought, I had an idea in my head what he looked like and based on the image assumed other things about him. When I got to his office, It was so quiet I started wondering why there were no noise from the kids since it was a public holiday and honestly I have no idea why that thought came to mind as I met him in his office. I waited for a long while – Which I think he did on purpose as a punishment for missing the first appointment – Then I saw this slim, handsome looking young man that walked down the stairs who was NOT who I saw on the true caller ID and although I was shocked I didn’t even know he noticed – He told me later – Maybe it was because I wasn’t expecting him to be as handsome and with pearly white teeth? Naah! I was really shocked.

He led me into a room in the studio for us to talk. He talked to me about his photography journey, a brief history of where he had worked and the whole works, he asked what I wanted to do with photography, encouraged me, checked out some of the pictures I had been taking and all. I walked away from that meeting so inspired that I blogged about it.

**Find the article here  – I must add that after he read the article he said I should just be calling him ‘Friend’ on my blog because he didn’t like the spotlight hahaha!!

Although he had mentioned during our conversation that he was single, the last thing on my mind was a romantic relationship with him and he also didn’t see me in that light. After the meeting he encouraged me to keep in touch so he could call me for jobs and I could shadow him to learn. I went for a couple of jobs with him and at some point I saw that we started talking waay more than a mentor and mentee should be talking -____-

Then… The thing started to do me small small I had to take a step back and scream….

“Hol up…

Hol up…

Hol Up………. What is happening here?”

I brought up the discussion and found out that he was already feeling the girl 😮 BUT there was a HUGE problem!!!!!!!!!


…. Till I come your way in another post on my journey of #BecomingMrsO



Written by Arike