Having lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends.

Sometimes I wonder why and how mu mother could go to the delivery room 4 times (Despite all the painful stories you hear). I look at my siblings and I am grateful that she did. I couldn’t imagine how life would’ve been without them… Seriously? How would life have been?

I have 3 biological siblings and more non-biological siblings and watching our relationship grow over the years, I’ve seen the benefits of having that relationship and I wanted to share;

Someone to have your back; I really cannot count how many times my siblings have been there for me. The major ones was when I got into the university and at the time only my immediate elder sister knew the way to where my school was amongst my family. I also remember her traveling all the way to Niger state to spend sometime with me during my NYSC. At different times, we have been support for each other through the years which has made our bond stronger. It is so satisfying to know that you have someone who has your back no matter what.

Someone to do life with; I have 3 sisters and you can imagine how interesting it could get. Basically, with siblings you have someone to go through every of life’s experience with. You’d know you’re not alone and walking through the different phases of your life together.

1st lesson about the world and people: I grew up with 3 biological sisters and other adopted brothers and sisters with different personalities, all with different personalities and dealing with them sure prepared me to deal with different individuals. Knowing conflict resolution and also learning to love unconditionally.

Your voice of reasoning when you need one: If you are in a healthy relationship with your sibling(s), he/she won’t watch you go astray without calling you back to order. There is a burden upon you to help, to give counsel. The amazing thing about this part is that the generational gap is not too much and they can understand where you’re coming from and what informed your actions before lovingly correcting you and calling you back to order! 20160712_151428

Partner in Crime: When you get to your teenage years and beyond, you have a partner in “crime” in them. You guys have each others back to your parents and essentially it’s you guys against the world.

When you all are older- Home away from home: When are older and gotten married, moved across from each other, You know you have a home in their home.

Do you have a sibling? What is the benefit of having one?



Written by Arike