Hello People, How are you guys doing? First of all, I would like to say a big “Thank you” for all the feedbacks i’ve gotten since starting this writing challenge. I started this challenge because I wanted to be consistent, the ideas I had in my head at the time didn’t translate to what was on my blog and I wanted that to change. I needed to be more disciplined and stopped thinking that since the blog was “Mine” I could do as I pleased. I know better now.

The last 16 days have been exciting and although I have 12 posts for the month of October, which means I missed 4 days, I am so glad I am doing this. My perspective is changing and I will share all my lessons at the end of the challenge. I am grateful to be doing this right now.

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Let me go ahead to explain why I missed 2 days from this weekend. I regularly have quiet weekends and go out only on Sundays to Church but every now and again, it is not always so and this weekend was one of those days.

We had the opportunity of attending a Financial intelligence training on Saturday. We played a game called “Cash Flow” with a group of other people, shared lessons we learnt from the experience, ate and basically had fun. The game is supposed to open your eyes to what managing finance entails and also help you to learn to manage your finance. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures just selfies of myself on our way out #VeinMuch x_x

We used the opportunity to visit a family friend on our way back where we spent the rest of the night and got him late. Caught the full moon while Mr O and his friend were talking.

Counter culture_weekend

Full Moon

On Sunday, We went to church late as usual my siblings came over to our church, Church was lovely.

On our way to church

On our way to church



Uncle Duties

We had a meeting to attend at 4pm which left us with just 2.5 hours to make lunch and rest before the meeting. I ate the food and enjoyed it, but it seems like I over did it abit because I was uncomfortable the rest of the evening/night. We had the meeting at a lovely cafe somewhere in Lekki Phase 1.


“…Ask for what is on our menu”

The meeting was like a vendors meeting for a conference that is happening next month. I had a lovely smoothie and a cookie which I would later regret later in the night. The night ended with my face in the toilet bowl. Let’s just say, I need to take care of my body more.

Basically, that’s how my weekend was. Maybe you can forgive me for not posting? 😀 Let me know, What were you up to this weekend? Don’t forget to have a great week!



Written by Arike