Counting My Blessings In Respect Of Set Goals For Year 2018 – Anonymous

2018 in review

Counting my Blessings in respect of set goals for year 2018.
What I wrote down, What happened / did not happen
Purpose/ Passion 

Care giving

I thought to get appropriate training to develop my passion for childcare / a care giver. I did a stint with the Creche of the junior church to see how I can flow with a care facility but my commitment to the choir / worship team took precedence. I searched online & discovered The Care Courses ( a book & online training for early childhood professionals & all who are for children. I see myself working at a childcare facility, as visiting care giver(working by the hour) or even setting up my own care center . This is a continuing process, in transiting from real estate to Caregiving with a focus on babies & toddlers; though I realized recently this could include the elderly ( though not together).

I highlighted 9 courses to start with but the cost implications with regards to where I am at the moment put a bump in my strides, of the 9 courses I was able to register for 2 because they were free ( the first as the introductory course which offers no course credit & the second as a promo though it usually cost $12. I completed the CDA101 course with 100%assessment score on the 25th Jan 2018.
I started the second course but couldn’t continue / complete due to internet connectivity. We had to review the Data package we used at home because of my husband’s change in work circumstances. He was in between jobs for about 5 months so all available funds were channeled to other more pressing needs.


I’ve been giving support to a neighbor who is in an abusive marriage. I have over the years stood with her in prayers, given financial & material support where possible. I’ve been timid about encouraging her to leave the marriage due to fear of the unknown and more so the decision really should be hers, but I’ve been a support as best as I can.
Spiritual Development

  1. To seek God on a personal level this year by harnessing all my connections with church & all available religious groups/ affiliates to continue to grow my faith.
  2. To study the word for myself this year. I have completed 84 bible reading plans this year & have 20 more lined up/saved for reading and currently reading 1 jointly with the worship ministry group.
  3. Be more open to how I can be of more help in service in church as a pastor’s wife. I was drafted into the church Counselling unit & have been serving with them. I thought of going for a course at WOFBI but never got round to it due to changes in the family dynamics with my husband’s resignation from work in May 2018. I also was more involved with the Jewels as events were more frequent at the mainland expression this year.
  4. I contemplated doing an online bible course but never started. I also thought to have a personal day to wait on God with regards to my relationship/ walk with him but I wasn’t consistent.


  1. Pray together with my Husband daily. Have been 70% consistent as we some times wake up late & rush out but it’s still a work in process.
  2. Improve in my communication with my husband, it is still a work in progress as I still don’t find it easy talking with him & still resort to sending texts / emails which sometimes are taken wrongly which then forces us to talk.
  3. Include kids in plans concerning the family. It’s still a work in progress as I sometimes wonder how they can not do things for themselves as compared to when I was their age; e.g. I used to save up for things I wanted but the kids now don’t even get pocket money so they can’t save up for things even if they wanted to.
  4. Create Family time this has been very lopsided as my husband having decided to go into ministry full time so he’s not around much & when he is he’s either not fully present or too tired to participate
  5. Our intimacy has been good though I want more since I have a higher libido & all. I started keeping record in March especially as I came off birth control but was mindful that since my husband doesn’t want any more kids I have to resist the temptation to be careless in the hope a baby happens knowing that the stress / heart ache is not worth it since I am accountable to God for the lives of the children he has blessed us with. I decided to channel the desire for another baby to other things yet praying God’s will be done.


  1. I planned “to do better with regards savings & investment “ but the dynamics of the family when we were down to just one income made this impossible rather saw me borrowing more. I have been able to pay off all loans with financial institutions taken to cover school fees but still have to pay back loans to family & pay for charges to account for groceries & clothing/ grooming as I was extended credit by the shop owners / dress makers.
  2. Despite the stringent situations I was able to pay my tithe & even make contribution to the special project & give to those around me.

Personal Development

  1. I planned to read 3 book per quarter but the dynamics of logistics of syncing transporting the whole family around our daily routine has not left much reading in conjunction with cooking, cleaning & managing the home. It’s been God’s grace helping me run my home without “helps” the past 14 years. I’m currently reading Pastor Godman’s Burning Quentin’s & Flaming answers ( just completed chapter 14)
  2. I have given of my time in volunteering on my Daughter’s school PTA but at the beginning of the new school year she moved to high school & I ought to have vacated the position but we’ve not been able to hand over so I’m still on the PTA EXCO. I headed the Staff appreciation committee to organize an appreciation program to commemorate this year’s teachers day and it was a success


  1. I honestly didn’t put anything down on this area of my life. I just know I’ve been unhappy with the status quo yet not knowing what else to do since I wasn’t pursuing the professional side of my profession. I have been with the same company cumulatively for 11 years (3 years after graduation & 8 after / while getting my post graduate degree). After the accelerate conference I became vexed in my spirit with how things are and eventually gave notice in October to leave at the end of the year. I don’t have clarity as to what the next steps is but I know it’s time to leave (the season there is over)
  2. I am looking to getting a job in a different industry, though a scary thing I’m confident God will guide my steps even as I also seek to position myself for a change; even if it means taking a pay cut (my previous job wasn’t paying top dollar anyway as even with an MBA I was getting marked less than my line manager who has just a Bsc. one of the reasons I decided to quit).


  1. I thank God for good health for my family as a whole as we’ve not had to be hospitalized or anything with just my daughter having a brief hospital visit this whole year. In as much as I don’t do much by way of exercise I tried to do 5000 steps daily & reviewed our diet to more of vegetables & less of meat ( some of which may have been as a result of having to watch the available resources in providing food for the family) but God has been faithful.

This post was shared by an anonymous reader (Who I admire so much)  who wanted to be open about her year. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!  We really appreciate your openness. The aim of this reviews is simple, I wanted more people to share how their year went in a very honest way without just putting forward the highlight so we can all be comforted and be encouraged that we are not alone in or fight. 

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