Death, Life and Living: Remembering a friend

With everything that is happening around us, it is so hard to ignore DEATH. In the past month it is no longer about deaths of older people but even the young. Oh Death! This your sting is getting close to home.

A few weeks ago, my husband got a call that he lost a dear friend and client. I was shocked beyond words and some how locked in away as if to live in denial of the news. Yesterday, we went for the service held on his behalf and I was in awe of the things that were said about this man and I picked up a few lessons;


  • One has to be intentional about living; The man retired from his high flying career at the age of 45, moved to Nigeria and lived his dream. He was a fitness guru, motivational speaker, musician, martial artist and philanthropist. He made the choice and he lived it intentionally. Whatever one has decided to do, it is not enough to make the choice and just go with the flow, one has to do life intentionally, be mindful about living.
  • Choose your path and live it unapologetically; Think about what you want to be said about you as your eulogy? Live that life backwards and live it unapologetically. Don’t over think it, don’t think for people (Maybe they are thinking some things about you) just believe in whatever it is and live out that life.
  • Be Disciplined: I worked closely with Mr Kayode on 2 different projects of his and I came out of that meeting a better editor as his level of excellence and attention to details pushed me to be better and to do better with my skills. It takes discipline to get to that level of excellence and to know exactly what you want and not settle for anything less than that.
  • Live your truth: What is your truth? LIVE IT!!!!
  • Stay grounded: We are faced with different things in life and sometimes we can lose sight of what is important in the pursuit of this life we want to live. Always remember what is important to you and stay grounded in that never let a tragedy be what reminds you of what is important to you.
  • Live a simple life: Life is not supposed to be complex. If you cannot sleep in 2 beds at a time why have more than one? If you cannot drive more than one car at a time why have more than one? Do you really have to be extravagant? Do you really have to have that many shoes? Do you really have to have that many cloths? Be Minimal, it makes for a better life, really! Be Simple, life is fleeting.

Life your best life! Whatever that means to you.


How am I going to apply this to my life;


Ever since I came back from the service last night my mind has been buzzing, it is like I was freed from a bondage I kept myself in. I have made a decision to life the life of Jesus and I can and will do just that without overthinking it, without any airs or thinking for people. Just do what Jesus will do and not over analyse it all.

I have been encouraged to do everything I really want to do. Writing for my blog, making videos, reaching out to people without feeling how the world is going to take it or overthink the process that it stifles my creativity. Basically, Just do it in the simplest most sincere form. Which is why I have picked up this blog again and I will write my truth.



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