Folu takes 30 || How I prepared for my 30th Birthday!

It’s been surreal. 

After my 29th birthday, I knew that I didn’t want my 30th to just pass like my usual fashion. I made the decision to take all my pictures about a year in advance. 

Asides from all the paparazzi of amazing pictures, I knew my amazing photographer husband will do justice to it, I also thought about my life and all the things I wanted to do, all the things I didn’t want to follow me around in my 30s. So, I made a list! 

  1. I made a list of all the things I wanted to achieve before my 30th 
  2. I made a list of all the beliefs I have, positive & negative to sieve out the ones that won’t serve me for the next decade. 

I started working actively to ensure that I achieved them and let go of the mindsets that won’t serve me.  

Some of the beliefs I had about myself are;
1. I felt I was too young and didn’t have anything of value to offer anyone 
2. I felt I wasn’t intelligent and being married to someone way older than me didn’t even help my belief
3. I felt that people didn’t like me
4. I felt that nothing good happens to me 
5. I felt like I am not worthy 
6. I felt like what I was doing wasn’t adding value to people 
7. I felt like I am not creative 
8. I felt like I am not loved 
9. I felt like I cannot be known for one thing because of my many interests
10. I felt like I don’t have what to say. 
Phew! Only me. Lol 
Anyways, So what did I do/am I doing to change it? I have never been the one to just be declaring (1 million times till I actually become it) that I am something so, God showed me another way I guess.
The first step he took me through was to acknowledge it – what I was doing before was ignore it. Then I wrote all these beliefs down and right in front of them I categorised them into “True and not true” 
I got a lot of “Not true” some “Maybes” and one “True”  (I think we also have to be realistic with these things) 
The next step was to convince myself why the “Not true” was true. I will just give an example of one 
 I am not intelligent: I demystified the word “Intelligent” defined it according to the dictionary, asked myself why I think I am not intelligent and discovered that I was defining my intelligence based on my past and then wrote down this “I know how to apply knowledge and skills and if and when I don’t there is intelligence in my knowing when to seek for help” 
At the end of the exercise, I had 10 new truths that I have held on to since. 
I spent the whole year preparing for my next decade, I didn’t wait and expect things to change overnight after one date. I know more than ever that it’s just the beginning, as I continue to submit to God and obey his leading. 

July 26 2020!

On the birthday, my close family came around, they did a video compilation from all my friends and I was just in tears as I watched it! Such an emotional moment for me! 
 So so grateful for my friends and family that made the day so so special to me! It was a great day,  the best birthday ever tbh! My husband really went all out to make is extra special with the thoughtful gift he got me!
Like one of my friend’s said #Folutakes30s
Cheers to the next decade(God willing)! 



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