Forget what you’ve learnt, this is the real essence of Christianity

We have a ‘Self’ foundation of Christianity, which is indeed faulty. Today, I try something different bringing the words of Jesus to encourage us to take our eyes off ourselves and stop using God’s word as a means and see it for what it truly is… Showing us Christ!

Let’s make our Christianity about truly living the life of Christ. Gal 2:20
Bible Passages in the Video
Follow me: Matt 4:19 Mark 1:17
I am your reward: Gen 15:1
Deny Yourself: Matt 16:24
I am the way, the truth and the life: John 14:6
Love your enemies: Matt 5:44 Luke 6:27-36
Be servants John 13:14-17
Woe to you who are rich Luke 6:24
Blessed are you when you are rejected for my sake: Luke 6:22 Matt 5:11
Leave your father and mother Luke 14:26
Unbelievers seek signs John 4:48 Matt 12:38

Do read God’s word through the lens of Jesus Christ. Till Next week Friday!!

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  1. MichaEl says:

    I loved this.

    “We have a ‘Self’ foundation of Christianity…” seems a perfect reflection of the commonest form of contemporary Christianity. Tempted to say we are even often taught of a heaven with a focus on self when in truth the focus should be on God.

    Thankfully, we all have access to the holy writ and to the Spirit of its Author.

    God bless you.

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