We have a ‘Self’ foundation of Christianity, which is indeed faulty. Today, I try something different bringing the words of Jesus to encourage us to take our eyes off ourselves and stop using God’s word as a means and see it for what it truly is… Showing us Christ!

Let’s make our Christianity about truly living the life of Christ. Gal 2:20
Bible Passages in the Video
Follow me: Matt 4:19 Mark 1:17
I am your reward: Gen 15:1
Deny Yourself: Matt 16:24
I am the way, the truth and the life: John 14:6
Love your enemies: Matt 5:44 Luke 6:27-36
Be servants John 13:14-17
Woe to you who are rich Luke 6:24
Blessed are you when you are rejected for my sake: Luke 6:22 Matt 5:11
Leave your father and mother Luke 14:26
Unbelievers seek signs John 4:48 Matt 12:38

Do read God’s word through the lens of Jesus Christ. Till Next week Friday!!

Thanks for watching



Written by Arike