Hello People,

Happy New Month and welcome to the last month of the year!! I am not so excited though – no particular reason – but I can definitely feel Christmas all thanks to the Harmattan. *Phew* Anyways, I have been feeling very disconnected from this blog because I just feel like I don’t have any direction for the blog in this season and whatever is worth doing is worth doing well right? Right. This is not a farewell speech, I am not willing to give up on this blog but I have been hibernating and I don’t think I have come out yet to know exactly how God wants to help me structure it for sustainability – whatever is worth doing is worth doing well right? Right!!

Hopefully I would share directions by the end of the year! God willing!

Soooooo….. When I was about to copy the link to my last ‘goals‘, I noticed I wrote ‘August’ instead of ‘November’ and NO ONE could correct me!! Am I that bad? *hot tears*

Let me do a review of August November;

  • Start taking evening walks; I did not take ANY walk! I have gained 4-5kg since the wedding, I now weigh 54-55kg the highest I ever remember being! Jeeeeeez!! I console myself by skipping every other day. I now do 500-600 in those times but then I still need more physical activity! I almost had a mini-depression when I got off the scale today telling myself “That’s how you will reach 60kg like play like play”
  • Better eating habit; I didn’t even eat much sef not to talk of better 🙁
  • Waking up earlier; LOL. Let’s not even go there
  • Visit a bookstore; Nope! Didn’t happen
  • Write More; Nope! Didn’t happen
  • Experiment with my photography; I won’t call what I did experiment but I did take quite a number of pictures this month.. I will share soonest!

Before you help me feel like a total failure, there were a few major things that happened that I didn’t share here (business goals) and I had my consolation there as there was something tangible that made me see that I wasn’t a complete waste this November. Glory be to God!!

On to the next. Here are some of the things I hope to achieve this December;

  • Finish the Bible study with my Sister; We started reading the book of John together and sharing our lessons and we have not been consistent with sharing. I am hoping that we get it done and move on to another one.
  • Be More Active; I really want to take that walk and I have kinda mentally mapped out my route but it’s just the ‘getting up’ part that is the HARDEST!! Pray for me people!!!
  • Get Directions for this blog and DO SOMETHING about it; I am saying to myself that I really don’t need to spiritualise everything, but honestly ehen! I KNOW that I don’t have ANYTHING to offer! This one will just require my getting quiet and sitting at Jesus’ feet and let him inspire in me what and what not to do with this space! I am very hopefully and excited at the same time of what HE can do!!
  • Share more of my Photography Journey; I really want to and I really hope it’s something my readers will be interested in because I am gonna share it anyways! So, be interested!!!
  • NO SOCIAL MEDIA; I know the harm it has caused me and as much as it can be good for visibility and what not, there’s also a huge disadvantage which is distraction! If you have learnt to balance it, you deserve a medal. I still havn’t learnt when to say ‘Enough is enough’ till time has been spent. This is just my way of saying ‘Enough’. I am majorly off Instagram and Twitter as they are the thieves of my time, and just detached from the rest.


If you have been reading this blog, you’d know I recently transitioned from being an employee to running a photography business with my husband. I don’t know jack about running a business and over the past 5 months I have been learning alot, I feel the need to also share some of the goals alongside. I will definitely share my new journey soon.

  • Learn, Learn, Learn; This is all I have been doing in the past months and there is not end to learning.
  • Learn more about editing videos; I have been filming and editing our Youtube videos but there is still room for improvement. I will be learning more!
  • Tidy up Accounts
  • Get regular with social media updates; I handle social media and all that jazz but I still don’t have a proper schedule and all. I started using hootsuite and hopefully will get a hang of it this month!
  • Shadow the boss alot more; Basically, get away from the back-end and learn more about the technicalities involved in photography!

So! There you have it! Pray for me oh! 😉

What are your own goals? 




Written by Arike