When you’re tired of being strong
When everything looks wrong
To the left it’s bleak
To the right it’s black
Tears, pain, sorrow, sticks and stones
Who comforts the comforter
And helps he who has always helped
Seemingly failed prayers and hopes
The light at the end of the tunnel dimming
To what end?
More questions, less answers
Enabling the despair
Fueling the hopeless
Easier to give up than to continue
Proof of strength?
Or fool hardy carrying-on

But my path is not of sight
Not of the senses
Not of the obvious
Walking of the insensible
Strutting of the unfathomable
Even self is baffled
Holy one reigns everyday
Supreme in majesty
Never diminished in strength
Never questioned in glory

There I find my peace
Comforter and peace giver
Gazing continuously at that love
Amidst the chaos
Amidst the pain
Amidst the madness
Amidst the torture
Only fixated on the unseen.
There you find rest
When you’re tired of being strong

This was written by my friend Mosope Oduwole!



Written by Arike