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HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! Thank you so much for the love in my latest post, I really appreciate it. There was a glitch in the mobile comment section which has been fixed now.

In this post, I requested for advice on how to manage my new ‘working from home’ arrangement and my boss told me to make to-do lists and I am very big on to-do list and that is probably the only routined habit I have been able to sustain and since we got married- after struggling for a few weeks – I have made it a point to write out every Sunday what and what I will do in the next week and although I don’t follow it regularly it has been a guideline. This time I want to do it on a larger scale and be accountable.

So, I will start sharing my goals for the month – the ones that are shareable 🙂 – and hopefully I will be able to give updates on them. I got this from thebloomblog and I loved the idea.

Here some of the things I would love to achieve before the month runs out;

  • Start taking evening walks; Since I moved away from my apartment and gym subscription is like 200% more than I used to pay at my last gym I decided to start using workout videos but it has not been very sustainable and the weight is just adding that I must not use my picture online without getting the “Are you pregnant?” comment. -____- I love being fit but it is not an easy something especially since I have gotten used to an instructor. I recently tried walking one evening and I enjoyed it hoping I could do more of it.
  • Better eating habit; For the longest time I have not had a good eating habit. I usually never eat enough and on those times of the month too much. We have consciously included fruits/smoothies into our diet and all that is left is portion control and healthier food choices *Mr O are you reading?* >.> But then, here is the challenge with that too…


  • Waking up earlier; Aha!! This one will be the challenge. I am a night-crawler mostly and I am still up at 1 am typing this… Hmmm but I have 2 alarms one for 4:30 and the other for 6 am and my husband has practically mandated me to remove them because it wakes him up at 4:30 and I don’t even hear it. He was just singing my alarm tone to me and I don’t even know it x_x but I want to become an early riser now. So help me God.

    currently not werking -___-


  • Visit a bookstore; Walking the aisle of a bookstore and smelling all the books is so therapeutic for me. I havn’t done it in a while and buy me some new cute journals. Now I just have ‘Mummy @ 80’ kinda notepads.
  • Write more; I don’t want to jinx this my ‘write as it comes’ phase but I really do want to write more and be more open. Watch this space.
  • Experiment with my photography; Since joining Fotolighthouse, I have been watching them do the things they do and understanding that there is more to photography than just snapping pictures, not to talk of the business angle to it. I have been more on the business side for now and not be plunged into the creative side yet just little trainings here and there but I really don’t want to forget why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

So, here’s to a new month and to trying new things. Do you have goals for the month? Wanna share with me?

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Written by Arike