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Hello People!!!

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HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! Thank you so much for the love in my latest post, I really appreciate it. There was a glitch in the mobile comment section which has been fixed now.

In this post, I requested for advice on how to manage my new ‘working from home’ arrangement and my boss told me to make to-do lists and I am very big on to-do list and that is probably the only routined habit I have been able to sustain and since we got married- after struggling for a few weeks – I have made it a point to write out every Sunday what and what I will do in the next week and although I don’t follow it regularly it has been a guideline. This time I want to do it on a larger scale and be accountable.

So, I will start sharing my goals for the month – the ones that are shareable 🙂 – and hopefully I will be able to give updates on them. I got this from thebloomblog and I loved the idea.

Here some of the things I would love to achieve before the month runs out;

  • Start taking evening walks; Since I moved away from my apartment and gym subscription is like 200% more than I used to pay at my last gym I decided to start using workout videos but it has not been very sustainable and the weight is just adding that I must not use my picture online without getting the “Are you pregnant?” comment. -____- I love being fit but it is not an easy something especially since I have gotten used to an instructor. I recently tried walking one evening and I enjoyed it hoping I could do more of it.
  • Better eating habit; For the longest time I have not had a good eating habit. I usually never eat enough and on those times of the month too much. We have consciously included fruits/smoothies into our diet and all that is left is portion control and healthier food choices *Mr O are you reading?* >.> But then, here is the challenge with that too…


  • Waking up earlier; Aha!! This one will be the challenge. I am a night-crawler mostly and I am still up at 1 am typing this… Hmmm but I have 2 alarms one for 4:30 and the other for 6 am and my husband has practically mandated me to remove them because it wakes him up at 4:30 and I don’t even hear it. He was just singing my alarm tone to me and I don’t even know it x_x but I want to become an early riser now. So help me God.
    currently not werking -___-


  • Visit a bookstore; Walking the aisle of a bookstore and smelling all the books is so therapeutic for me. I havn’t done it in a while and buy me some new cute journals. Now I just have ‘Mummy @ 80’ kinda notepads.
  • Write more; I don’t want to jinx this my ‘write as it comes’ phase but I really do want to write more and be more open. Watch this space.
  • Experiment with my photography; Since joining Fotolighthouse, I have been watching them do the things they do and understanding that there is more to photography than just snapping pictures, not to talk of the business angle to it. I have been more on the business side for now and not be plunged into the creative side yet just little trainings here and there but I really don’t want to forget why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

So, here’s to a new month and to trying new things. Do you have goals for the month? Wanna share with me?

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  1. Ola says:

    I’ve been trying to comment for a while, it never goes through. I hope this does?. So, to trying out new things, I’m gonna have my BC in a few weeks. There’s a new yearning to be closer to God. And yes, I need to get a job?

    1. arike says:

      Yes oh! I have fixed the comment… Finally. hehehe! Yay to BC. I want to see when you’re done oh. 😉

  2. vicky says:

    i hope God helps you achieve them all. i’m also working on that early rising issue because i’m also a night crawler. most times, i sleep by 3 but there is God sha

    1. arike says:

      Amen!!! I can totally relate. I love the peace and quiet that comes with that time of the day!

  3. tamie says:

    Firstly I love the new* look of the blog.
    Am coming for tutorials.

    Your to do plans all sound really nice.
    I had a plan to visit a book store too cos it had been so long I did….i ended up visiting two and buying about 10 books.

    My to-do for the month is read more, listen to tapes more , hold my phone less, and blog more.

    1. arike says:

      Yay! Thanks. hehehehe That’s the thing with bookstores over buying! Lol.

      We shall know how it goes at the end of the month! Good luck with them!

  4. Yes. To do lists have worked for me. Well being accountable on a larger scale has shown a bit of progress too. I wish you a blessed November where you’re a better person and stop waking daddy wa up with 4.30 am alarm. Teinx.

    1. arike says:

      Amen. I wish you a wonderful one too. You people will help my accountability too. x_x I shall try my best. Thanks for the love Lara

  5. Ayomi says:

    Finally…You have settled in. May God help you with all of these. On a serious note, you had better keep to it or else… *RME*
    As you know I am more of a Lady Fix it( Don’t say the P word) and I can go to the extreme…But I really need to visit bookstores and start buying books again, the last time I had the time to go, I discovered my favourite bookstore had moved and I still don’t know where to, so still in search of one close to me.

    I think the timing on your alarm is too spaced out, that’s why you hardly hear it and your body is programmed to the 6am already. It takes a lot of strength though. Mine is programmed to 4.30am and the other to 5am and I use a tone that is so loud and annoying that you just have to get up to turn it off. God is your strength dearie.

    May we find grace to do better this month in Jesus name.

    1. arike says:


      Yes oh!! My precious mama!!! I know what ya capable of. Lol. I don’t even know the bookstore to visit yet. I may need a lower alarm tone.

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