Happy New Year, 2016 Recap + First Giveaway!!!

Happy New year to you all!!!!!!!!


2016 was indeed an amazing year. I am forever grateful for the things that happened and while I am not a very huge fan of making a big deal out of a new year, I will be forever grateful because it gives me the opportunity to look back and evaluate. I know nothing magical is going to happen because it’s a “New Year” and I have to be the one to make a conscious effort to change whatever it is that needs to change with God’s help and that is exactly what I intend to do in the year 2017 by God’s grace. In the Spirit of evaluation, Here’s a recap of some of the things that happened 2016;

  • Changed web host and designed a new blog: This was a huge step for me and it’s still not exactly how I intend it to be but after my old domain name expires I will fully have counterculture.com.ng as the primary domain name. It was kind of difficult and at the same time not so difficult to make this change because, I knew in my heart that I didn’t want this blog to be about me but for a long time i’ve used my name for the blog and it has evolved to what it is today, however I still want it to evolve into something bigger than me and that is what I intend to work towards this year. So…. If I reach out to you, don’t turn me down 🙂
  • Started Vlogging seriously; The YouTube channel has always been there with me putting up random videos but in 2016, I started creating better videos and now have up to 20 videos on there. Ofcourse the channel is still growing and frankly that is not the goal of the channel but to reach and challenge atleast 1 person to live the life of Christ and I intend to continue putting out videos every Friday.
  • How to know God’s purpose for your life  had the highest number of clicks in 2016 next to Dear Christian; Hard truths I wish someone told me earlier
  • I have a series titled “Chronicles of a Church Hopper” in my draft to document my experience church hopping between 2012 – 2014. I never got round to finish writing it but my mind keeps going back there. So, if it is something you’d love to see this 2017, let me know!
  • Learnt a new skill: I started video editing in 2016 and while it’s not an official business, I’ve earned some money from it. This one thing I want to perfect this year and maybe it will become a business.
  • Challenged myself and failed: Ah! Tried to stretch myself to write everyday for 30 days and I failed. I am so glad that I could still make the attempt to do it and in doing it, I discovered what my problem is and working on a solution which I would share in a new blog post. Here’s the challenge and what I could get out of it.

I am so grateful for all of these and above all to be a channel of blessing to a few people this past year. I really hope to continue to shine God’s light and in someway or another this blog has helped one reader to know Jesus more or challenged one reader to want to know Jesus more. In my Christmas Video, I did a giveaway and I have sent one of the gifts out and I have a couple more with me. If you are interested and in Lagos, I have a card with some of the messages that helped me in my walk with Christ in 2016 to give out. The card comes with another gift that would be tailored to whoever I am sending to, a book, a journal or anything that I think would suit your personality, just indicate by sending me an email or drop a message for me on any social media platform.

Here’s wishing you an amazing 2017! I pray that our lives would be characterised by obedience to God this year, we would put our absolute trust in God no matter what comes our way this year and we would be the Jesus that people see.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!





  1. Tamie says:

    Happy New year dear!
    Is the year still new sef? Lol

    1. Arike says:

      Hehehe. The year is still new oo. January still has half a week 🙂

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