I heard my president speak…

“Good governance is less about structure and rules than being focused, effective and accountable.” ― Pearl Zhu,


Hello My people! It’s Day 3! OMG… I am actually doing this. LOL. Don’t let me get too excited. How are you all enjoying the Independence holiday?


I am not one to always have an opinion about our beloved country. I have little or no interest in current affairs and I am always the one laughing at heated arguments about the country when 2 people are going at each other, it might be safe to say that I am not passionate about this country. It wasn’t always like this, I remember I always said to anyone that I loved Nigeria and no interest in leaving this country but somewhere along the line, I lost hope and with what I heard on Saturday, I am still not very optimistic about this country.

If you watched the President’s Independence speech raise your hands… *Raises hands*

I heard my president speak and I was so disappointed. I have not really paid so much attention to him since he became president and I wasn’t exactly excited about the choice we made as president but we did have a limited choice and we chose the lesser evil, right? Right. I learnt quite a number of things about our president by listening to him speak on Saturday.

  • He’s trying to make a point: “… I ran for office four times to make the point that we can rule this nation with honesty and transparency, that we can stop the stealing of…”  There’s just something about this statement that doesn’t sound like he actually cares about the country. Is it just me or the statement just sounds to selfish.
  • He is clueless: He made a few statements that definitely makes me believe this and this is not about having intelligent people in your cabinet but as an individual… “I believe that this recession will not last”  We believe so too, but how long? What is the plan? “Boko haram was defeated in December” Okay! but they are still out there making threat videos, How is this information you are saying make me feel safe? He also mentioned something about investors jumping over themselves to invest in the country but the stats says otherwise… Sigh. I take that back, intelligent people in the cabinet? They shouldn’t have let this speech pass.
  • Very Vague Plans: There were alot of vague statements… “By 2019 we should….” “By 2018 that should be done…” “We expect this and that in 4-6 Months” How? Magic? Or Are there actually actionable plans or just wishful thinking? I can’t feel safe or have hope for our nation with this or can you?
  • He definitely lacks the Charisma of a president: I understand that he’s an old man and needs to take it easy but I mean…. You are a president. You can at least not look at the script ten million times while you’re reading it.

Honestly, as I was watching/reading I was just very pissed off and which is why I try not to pay to much attention to things like this. You will just be angry anyhow. Well, you think I am over exaggerating read and watch for yourself below:


It was so bad that I had to go search online what Obama said to his people when they were going through hard times as a nation and while it is almost an hour long speech, I watched it and had hope in a country that is not even mine. Even if he didn’t do anything with what he said, You cannot say you didn’t feel any hope when he finished because you just listened to someone who understood where you are and cared. I mean not listening to statements like “I know how difficult things are, and how rough business is. All my adult life I have always earned a salary and I know what it is like when your salary simply is not enough.” Let’s not talk about the “Salary” of ex-presidents and Buhari wants to compare that to the trader that cannot afford the next meal or The civil servant that can’t afford to pay his child’s school fees. Oh Please!!!

If you do listen to the Independence speech of the President of Nigeria, Please watch the one below to make you feel better. Even if you can’t watch the whole thing, so we can know the kind of person we are looking for in the next election. I just pray that God will prepare for us people that are angry and tired of how things are run in this nation and that by the coming election we won’t settle for the lesser evil because we have no other choice but there will be competent people who genuinely want this country to move forward and not just push their individual agendas. In Jesus name.


God Bless Nigeria!

Did you listen or read the President’s Independence speech? What do you think, Honestly?




  1. Tamie says:

    I didn’t listen to his speech. Actually can’t remember when last I listened to a presidential speech.
    I agree with most of your deductions from the speech despite not watching it.
    Truly saddening, for a country I love.

    1. Arike says:

      Yes oh! Very sad. May God continue to help us!!

  2. @ilola says:

    No I didn’t. Even if I could, I wouldn’t have. I think if the other presidenttial candidate made it in, we would be in a worse situation than we are now.

    Journey to Marriage: Scaling the hurdles

    1. Arike says:

      Yes, I agree. I just really wished we had other options.

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