How to be productive as a young adult

Productivity tips for young adults

In the world we live in today, where there is so much distractions and every new application is trying to keep your on their application longer than you are supposed to be, one of the biggest challenges young adults face is being productive. Today, I will share with you tips that have helped me stay productive. 

Put in the work:  I know we live in the 4-hour work week generation and that’s not to say that it’s a bad thing because we’re trying to create a working smart culture but the truth is that we have to put in the work and four hours/week will not cut it. Hard work is required for everything. You have to be disciplined enough to put in the work that is required for whatever you want to achieve. We can have great ideas but the greatest ideas if not put to work remain what they are ‘Great ideas’. We are in a generation where we want things to be handed to us without putting in the work. Don’t be like them.

Set time aside: Set a block of time designated as your “working hours” this time is dedicated to doing uninterrupted work to make progress. No multitasking, pick one thing and finish then move on to the next.

Get armed with the right tools: Now that you have adjusted your mind to know that you need to work hard, it’s time for the right tools. Let’s start with your environment. Ask yourself, what is making me unproductive. Clutter? No designated space? Noise? Deal with that. When you have a decluttered designated working Space, you will become more productive. What gets you in the right frame of mind? I listen to music (I have a playlist) and I get in the mood to do some work because I get so pumped. So, what gets you in the right frame of mind? Music? Affirmations? What other tools help? A journal to document what you want to achieve for the day, to-do lists and follow through.u

Get rid of the distractions: These days one of our biggest distractions  is our phones. I put my phone in another room when I need to work. I know some of us need our phones to work, you can block off notifications, put it on airplane mode, turn it upside down. Whatever, is distracting you should be done away with for the block of time.

Reward yourself when you achieve your goals (no matter how small) You want to create a system where you are expecting your reward for smashing your goal for the week. I kick back and catch up on my shows when I do achieve my goals.

Review at the end of the week or the beginning of the next week;  You are reviewing your productivity level and your work system. What were you able to achieve in the week? Why was I able to achieve it? What was I not able to achieve? Why wasn’t I able to achieve it?? Which work system is working? Which isn’t? What fuels my productivity? What doesn’t? Am I making progress towards my overall goal? These are questions you want to answer weekly.

Rest! Take a day off! Just rest because body no be firewood.

It is only with discipline that all of this is achievable. Stay disciplined and be productive!

So, tell me in the comment section, how do you stay productive today?  What are your biggest challenges with productivity? let me know.



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