Habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tens to occur subconsciously (Source)

Research shows that it takes about 21-30 days to form a new habit. Our success or failure is determined by the habits that we have cultivated in our lives. The aim of this article is to help us look through our goals and whatever we want to achieve this year and form habits that will bring us closer to making the goal(s) a reality.

Here are 6 tips to help you form and keep a habit;

  1. Create a conducive environment: When you are ready to form a habit, your environment matters. You cannot want to form a habit and your environment is working against you. If you want to form a habit of writing and you’re anything like me, creating a conducive environment will include getting a journal, a pen, a desk and making sure there is internet access. My trying-to-form-a-new-habit is bound to fail if my environment is not conducive for this new habit to thrive. So, think about whatever will make your new habit thrive and make your environment reflect it.
  2. Create a blissful feeling around it (Make it fun and attractive): Little things make me excited, it could be that the colour of my pen is orange and my journal has flowers on the cover. This alone will make excited about using them. Anything that will make you excited about this new habit is what you should tend towards or you can just go cold-turkey and make a resolve to do it everyday whether you are having fun or not. But I highly recommend that you ensure that the process is fun for you.
  3. Identify what needs to stop for the habit to start: In forming a new habit, it involves you replacing this new habit with something that you used to do before (Even if that something is nothing) It is important that you identify that thing that needs to stop for this new habit to start. For example, If the new habit to be formed is exercising in the morning but now I sleep in till the time for work, I have to identify what needs to stop, in this case sleeping for the new habit to start which is exercising before I begin my day. It will take alot of discipline but what’s most important is make sure yo identify what needs to be done and get it done.
  4. Begin with what you have now: If we wait for the conditions to be perfect we will never really get things done. I don’t have to wait till I have the perfect condition for me to start. Whatever habit you are trying to form it’s important that you start with whatever you have or you keep procrastinating and end up not doing anything. If all you have is your legs to start with your exercise, take a walk, use Youtube to get home exercise routines, don’t wait till you have all the fancy gym equipments. Start now!
  5. Cut off all dependencies: Cut off anything that you have to depend on before you start forming this habit. For example, if I have to depend on my laptop before I have to write, I need to rethink my strategy because there are days where the laptop will fail me, what will happen then? Whatever habit you are trying to form and you have to depend on something external (that can fail you) you need to cut it off.
  6. Do it everyday till you can’t do without doing it. Stay Consistent

What new habits are



Written by Arike