It’s been forever and I cannot lie, as much as I miss writing, at some point I felt no remorse about not blogging despite the reminders from people about my hiatus.

Can I say I am back? Well…. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves but one step at a time. I blamed many things for my absence but my laziness and inability to adapt to change. This is my confession. I HATE wordpress and It has been difficult adapting to change which has generally not helped me to be very excited about posting anything. I really wish the back-end was abit simpler.

ALOT has happened since May and the major things – Like in the Title – is that I got Married! and I also changed Jobs. I will be back to give a proper documentation of the process, lessons learnt and generally the emotional roller coaster I went through leading up to the day(s) and seeing God through it ALL.



Watch out for my next posts. Thank you sooo much for your patience and I am grateful to those who reached out to me and bugged me to write again! THANK YOU!!!

See you soon!!!



Written by Arike