It’s been a while… || Life lately 2020!


*dusts cobwebs* 

I don’t even know if anyone reads blogs again much less read here! 

It’s been over a year since I wrote on this blog and I want to slowly start blogging again, just for posterity sake. 


2020 has been a year. 


At the beginning of the year, I sensed in my spirit that it was going to be a tough year, I was wondering how that is the kind of sensing I would be sensing when the whole world was claiming what a great year 2020 will be, so I didn’t probe but now I understand why. 


If 2020 has been tough on you, I am sure by now you know you are not alone, we are waking every day to deal with what our new reality and it’s so exhausting, add in children and it’s a knock out. 

Over the last few months, I’ve just tried to focus on God some more, making more time for what matters the most to me and that has been an exciting journey. There were many legit reasons why my relationship with God took a back burner. I was super exhausted at the end of the day and still wake up exhausted, it didn’t make any sense. But, I just make the decision to focus on deepening my relationship and that was it, although I sometimes don’t have time to do other things on the day that I study the Bible, I still sort of feel at peace with myself. 


Anyways, a little update with me. 

I started some businesses and all of them are in the beginning phases, it’s been an interesting ride, working hard at trying to give myself in all those directions and it’s been a learning curve. Every business requires work in the beginning phase and so much more tenacity because it might not make as much money when you start and I am in the phase where I have to keep encouraging myself so I don’t give up. It’s not easy, I tell you but it can be worth it if we do stick to it. So, I am refreshing everyday so I can keep going. 


It’s about a month to my 30th Birthday and I got my first gift! My sister sent me a customised T-shirt and I was beyond excited for the thoughtful gift. I had posted earlier on IG that I would love a T-shirt like that and I had even forgotten I posted it. It felt so good to be thought about like that! 


When I am coming back to writing this (started writing June 28), my birthday has come and gone. Lol, but I will give you all the gist in another post. 

I really planned for this post to be an update post. While I’ve been MIA on the blog, I have been active on social media and semi-active on youtube. 

Check out my videos on Youtube

Will be writing more here from now! 




  1. Tamie says:

    Yeah some people still read blogs.. lol. Good to read from you.
    Congrats on all your new businesses.. may you excel in them!
    Happy birthday once again..

    1. Arike says:

      lol. Thank yoou

      1. Emmanuela says:

        Yes, we still read blogs and would love to read more from you😊. Keep ’em coming.

        1. Arike says:

          Yaaayy!! Thanks dear!

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