January 2017 Recap and February goals

Counter culture Jan recap


Counter culture Jan recap

Happy New Month people! Welcome to the month of Love. Is it really just me or did January go by so fast? I know it felt long because there were 5 Mondays and Tuesdays in the month but all the same, it went by so fast. Phew. I am just glad we are making progress already.

Here’s How my January went;

Personal Goals: I didn’t have any written personal goals this year mainly because I didn’t think that I was gonna follow through with them if I made too much ‘fuss’ about the new year. One thing I knew I wanted to achieve was become consistent and not making a big deal about it but implementing the steps in that article mentally has been my way of following through. I mean, I put up 4 articles on this blog, 5 articles on the Natural hair blog I contribute for, I am reading a book at the moment and writing more. I know there’s still improvement that can be done but I definitely can see the progress.

Business Goals: It is no news that I work with my husband running a professional photography company. We regularly have a our peak season at the end of the year and January, so that meant that we don’t have Christmas and new year celebrations. This 2016 was majorly for travels and I was left with the responsibility of running things while the other half of the team were away and frankly, it wasn’t fun but it stretched me ( I should probable document my lessons). Anyways, before they left on their trip, we had a sit down to plan the things we wanted to do for 2017 and put deadlines to it, but because of all the backlog we’ve had to clear, we’re just getting to doing them gradually and hopefully, we hit the ground running this February. But you know when there’s so much to be done that the thought of it overwhelms you? Phew! That’s how I feel about all the work ahead, but I am excited nonetheless.

Events I attended: I went for just one event this month as I am not an event hopper like I used to be. It was a program for Couple in business put together by Mrs Audrey Joe-ezigbo. It was an amazing time learning, as the focus topic (HR, Staffing and all things related) was something Mr O and I had been discussing. I am glad I could make it.

Lowest moments: My domestic staff leaving and getting a new one that you have to start from the scratch with and also being home alone at the beginning of the year.

Book I am reading: Getting to Like – Jeremy Goldman and Ali B. Zagat. I am learning alot about personal/professional branding in this book that I am planning to implement on our business pages and for Mr O. I have still not finished the book though.

One lesson I learnt: After like 2 weeks+ of managing the business by myself, I had a new found appreciation for Entrepreneurs that i had to write an epistle on Instagram. I learnt this month about the pressures that come with running a business and as I am gradually getting more responsibilities to handle, I am appreciating the work that Mr O does and how he takes it all in strides and I understand more things from his perspective.



  • I really just want to improve and remain consistent with everything I have started this year
  • I want to be more conscious to seek out opportunities to be generous with my life, not being scared to be vulnerable and being the Jesus that people see.
  • I want to seek more opportunities to collaborate with more bloggers and write guest posts or contribute on blogs that are in line with what I stand for. (So, Holla if you are interested! ;))

Overall, 2017 is off to a great start and even with all the craziness happening in our country and around the world, We stay grateful to God for his mercies and faithfulness towards us all.

What was your January like? and What are you hoping to achieve this new Month?





  1. Tamie says:

    Jan was cool. And for me it was fast too.
    I was off to a great start with Jan and would like to do better this month.

    You’re February goals all resonate with me.

    1. Arike says:

      Great to hear!

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