These days it’s quicker and easier to proclaim how much Jesus loves us. Today let us look at our proclamation of our Love for Jesus. Loving Jesus is more than words itself. Love here is different from how we love our fellow relatives, companions, partners and so on. Loving Jesus is what you are doing (actions) not how you are feeling.

Looking through the Bible, What does it mean to truly love Christ?

“If you love me, you will do what I command” John 14:15 ERV

A true #jesuslover is someone who does exactly what his father tells him to do. John 14:31

Not only knowing Christ’s commands but obeying his teachings. John 14:21-23 ERV

All he asks from us to show how much we love him is to obey his commands and teachings. So simple but yet so big. These commands are the ones we’ve heard over and over

  1. Love the lord with all your heart, soul and mind. Matthew 22:37-38, Deut 6:5-6
  2.  Love each other. This command was repeated several times in the bible. John 15:12 &17, John 13:34, 1 John 4:11, Matthew 22:39 etc.
  1. He gave us the work to make disciples for him. John 15:16
  2. To tell the good news about him. John 15:26-27

*When we love God (obey his commands and teachings) he makes himself known to us, he reveals himself. John 14:21, 1John4:7

*He begins to live in us. John 17:26

*True love for Christ brings us peace. John 14:27

* Because we truly love Christ he will give us  everything we ask. John 15:7

* Loving Christ brings true happiness (knowing Christ). John 15:9-11

* True love for Christ guarantees eternity. Due. 6:2

I don’t obey his teachings, I obey sometimes, I don’t love my neighbor, I’m not making disciples  or telling the good news about him. Then why am I claiming to be a #jesuslover?




Written by Arike