God's purpose

Over the years, I have heard and read so much about purpose. One of the books I will say at one point that helped me along this journey was “The purpose driven life”, like I said in the previous post, I have since evolved.

Reading these books, and listening to these teachings, I was sent on a wild goose chase, looking and searching for “God’s purpose for my life” as it was never clear what exactly it was and if I wasn’t ‘spiritual’ enough, I couldn’t ‘receive’ it from God. After waiting and waiting, searching and looking for that purpose, I gave up and did nothing all together. Which is disobedience and I know many people have gone through this process.

The past couple of years has been so instructive, studying God’s word, being in the company of fellow disciples, unlearning and learning. It has been really an exciting journey.

Let’s dive in…

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Looking through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, the theme is Christ! Every Character, every story was a part of a bigger story. God’s plan of redemption. His promise, Christ. The fulfillment of the promise. The prophecy of his second coming. All about Christ. We are now here privileged to be characters in that same bigger story. Luke 24:44-45, Col 1:17, the entire Bible

So, hearing “God’s purpose for my life” is a contradicting statement. Stay with me please. Let’s back track abit. Adam and eve sinned and by one man sin was brought into this world right? Right. (Romans 5:12, I cor 15:21)

Which means, In Adam we died – 1 cor 15:22 – which also means the “…my life” in the statement doesn’t exist because we are dead. However, once we come into Christ we are made alive -1 cor 15:22 – and the life we live now, is Christ life.

So I am not the one living now—it is Christ living in me. I still live in my body, but I live by faith in the Son of God. He is the one who loved me and gave himself to save me” Gal 2:20 ERV

 If it is indeed Christ living in us, why are we looking for God’s purpose for “My life”. Shouldn’t the appropriate question be What is God’s purpose for Christ life? 
If we all know the reason for Christ life of which the bottom line is to give his life for us and redeem us, and spent his years on earth equipping a bunch of guys to continue with the work (Matt 28:16-20). Shouldn’t that be what we are running with? Instead of being confused and going on a wild goose chase of “finding purpose”?
Our Approach; 
If we already know that the life we live is Christ life, we look at his life and what he did – Get in the word -. We then understand that every opportunity we have, every platform we are given is to extend Christ to people. Everyone we meet, all our interactions are gateways to connect them to Christ. This is our purpose.
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Written by Arike