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There is no way I can tell my story with revealing how extreme I can be sometimes – rather, most times.

I’ve noticed this pattern in my life and here’s how it plays out; I am hit with a truth or curious about something, once I get convinced about it, I start a journey to the extreme to either learn or unlearn as the case may be.

Here are a few examples of how it’s played out in my life. When I was in the university, It was the beginning of my second year in the university, a seemingly uneventful day in the cafeteria, a  final year student, Joseph Ewunmi, he asked about my grades and basically advised me to take it all more seriously and be better. I honestly didn’t give too much taught to the whole university thing or take it seriously, it just felt like the next phase but after that talk, I went the extreme. I practically lived in the Library/Class and read away my ‘life’ and by GPA jumped from a 2.5ish in the first year to a 4.0ish in the 2nd year but ofcourse my CGPA didn’t recover from my low grade in the first year.

Here’s another example;

When I started on the journey of knowing God for myself during my service year, I will spend an insane amount of time listening to any and every preacher, read alot of books and naturally I got confused with alot of conflicting doctrines; it was alot more about “don’t do this” “Don’t do that” So, while I was reading the Bible for myself, I stopped ‘doing’ alot of things which included wearing earrings, trousers, make-up, I mean went cold turkey. Not because I thought they were bad but because, I did’t have a thought of my own and I wanted to KNOW for myself without anyone shoving things in my face.

More recently, about 2-3 years ago. I started on the journey of learning about Christ and this had been a very rough journey because I had to stop my christian-religious lifestyle – this brought an end to my church-hopping, man-idolising, dependence on ‘christian’ books, everything about my “Walk with God” stripped away. With Christ, It couldn’t matter. I knew I had to unlearn all of those things if I wanted to learn to walk again the right way – the christ way.

Which brings me here;

Learning to walk – the Christ way is not a very easy process and it’s definitely not for the Lazy Christian, it involves alot of studying – in the right context – alot of trusting in God’s truth and his person, lots of questions about what you believed and what you believe.

I have been coasting but I am deciding to learn to walk again, one step at a time.

What has your learning Journey been like? Fast learner? Extreme learner? 



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