Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward.” ― Søren Kierkegaard


Dear younger self,

I am not sure how old you are right about now, but I will guess 19! There’s so much that is going to happen very quickly and here are a few things I wish I could tell you. I am really glad you’ve decided to take your school work more seriously, Don’t give up. Focus on your work and don’t have any distractions trust me you’d have so much time on your hands when you graduate you’d wonder what to do with it. Just Focus!

Your friends will betray you, be ready to stand up for yourself. Don’t take crap from anyone, seriously you don’t owe anyone an explanation about your life. You’d also have new friends and these ones will last. Cherish the moments you are spending together with them right now because very soon you’d see them just once in months or a year! Cherish the moments1929388_6897578805_5791_n

Very soon, you’d question why you are the way you are, your attitude, your approach to life and everything in between. I want you to remember how you fiercely loved your self now, Love yourself enough to cut yourself some slack. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Please. Remembering that love will get you through those times.

You have some guts meeting people online. DON’T DO IT! I know some of them turned out to be really great friends but trust me the drama it will bring to your life in the future? You don’t even know what hit you! Biko, Epp yasef now and don’t send that message!!!!

You’d go through one of the toughest times during your NYSC year and while I am glad that experience brought you close to God, it was something that was totally avoidable. Yeah! Mistakes! *Side eye* be ready! Because the only hope you’d have is not hurting your loved ones.

Know that you’d have a few regrets in a few years and I really wish you knew how to not make those mistakes but be ready to hold on to God in those moments when it’s too overwhelming let the fact that GOD is ALWAYS there be your comfort. Don’t dwell on those mistakes but move on from them and trust that EVERYTHING will be fine.

Don’t forget to remind yourself that; Life ain’t about you, love others. Grow in love. Every opportunity is an avenue to grow. Life is a trust. Life is a test. Let it go. minus negative people. Be hopeful. Be optimistic. Be realistic.

Don’t be too shy. Use thing time to learn some people skills, you’d need it soon but then you won’t have it so you’d start struggling. Start a conversation, keep up the small talk, dress up and go out to random places. Don’t be a Hermit.

I cannot tell you that your life will get better but for every phase there has been a lesson and something to be grateful about. You will be a “grown up” soon, doing grown up things like getting a job, paying your own bills, renting an apartment, getting married. It all comes with it’s share of joy and challenges. Live in the moment. Don’t sweat the things you cannot change. Do your best and make sure you love through the process!

Thank you for being you because without who you are, I won’t be who I am!

From Future Tomilola


What will you say to your younger self?



Written by Arike