Holla People!!

Whatsss up???? How is 2016 going? Hopefully by the time you are reading this I would have put out my video post x_x I really don’t like to just disappear and reappear without giving some form of explanation.. Ish.

2016 has been a very instructive year, unlearning things I have learnt in the past and also making sure that I am not doing anything the God is not a part of (I guess my video will explain it).

From January 2016, I stopped sending out #DailyExhortations and some people did ask me why and I think I explained to one person or so. There are alot of good intentioned actions that someone does only to find out that is not what God sent you. While sending out one Bible verse a day is good but when one of my friends told me “This is my devotion” then I knew something was already wrong and I had to stop. Stop giving anyone a crutch to not study God’s word. Instead, I will encourage everyone to study the word for themselves!

The beginning of February was a rough one for me health wise and it was not a very pretty experience. My health and the health of by blog (comment section) didn’t exactly give me the moral to want to update anything on the blog. I am glad that is over though.

On work: Working from home has been going quiet well. I’ve always known I am a night crawler and I am the most productive in the hours of 10 – 3 am. I have to be up before 8am because work starts at 8-1pm and I am largly still groggy at the time. I am still trying to get a hang of my mornings and getting more work done at night. It is still le struggle.

  • Working together with Mr O: Let’s just say it’s been 50/50. There are absolute great times and there are the “Oh my, why am I doing this” times. I can document my experience working with my husband when it clocks one year.
  • Learning video editing and architecture photography – seeing as I don’t like to photograph humans. Taking it one step at a time.


  • It was Mr O’s Birthday at the beginning of the month, and it was a quiet one with a few friends over. He said this has been his best birthday. Yay! That made me happy. 20160208_154452
  • I have cooked the most in the last 4 weeks than ever. I am trying out reciepies and looking at more healthy alternatives. I made coconut milk, tiger nut milk, date syrup (Vegan Nigerian must be proud of me), bread rolls, cookies.2016-02-26 21.01.40
  • We changed our church this new year and it’s been such a wonderful experience. I am excited at what God is doing in our lives. We are increasing in the knowledge of him and I can see his work in us. Its exciting and scary at the same time.
    2016-02-26 21.00.47

    Our typical Sunday trip to church

  • Healthy Eating: I am on a healthy eating path. I just got the LIN e-book from 9jafoodie. I am more open to experimenting with healthy Nigerian food and trying out new things.

Discipleship: When I say I see what God is doing? Yep! I see it. I can talk about God but when it comes to initiating a conversation about Jesus and what he has called us to do, it usually becomes an issue for me. The Lord is showing me the gravity of the work that he has called us to do, While I am a growing into the stature of Christ. I have to also disciple someone who will in turn disciple another person. I don’t have a disciple yet, but I know I am not where I used to be.

Bible Challenge: We are currently on a 40 days Bible challenge and learning of God is so so refreshing. Learning to see Jesus. Learning not to want anything but Jesus. Learning about Gods agenda in the earth. seeing how God writes the most amazing script! It is just awesome!! I invited a few friends to join on the challenge and it’s indeed been a great learning experience. I am excited about God’s word.

I cut my hair!!!!!! If you have seen my video, you’d know what it looks like now. I don’t really have any reason for cutting it though.


There you have it! What have you been up to?



Written by Arike