Life Update


Hello People! Happy Monday!!!! Are we in the last week in August already? The way the month was crawling fa, who woulda thunk it? I have been MIA, I know I scheduled some posts but I wasn’t feeling any connection to the blog in those times, but I am glad that we can schedule posts in advance even when we don’t feel like writing anything or when Life happens. So, Please, don’t go yet. I am still here ūüôā

On my old blog, I was much more generous with my life and when I met my husband, he educated me on his private life and how he loves it like that, Private. -___- I’m like “how we go do na?” but I respected his privacy and anyone that noticed even on social media, I became very cautious of what and what not I shared. I constantly questioned my motives for sharing things online and it was a constant battle of

“How much is too much information”¬†

While Mr O is alot more relaxed with his “policy” I mean, he now has a personal Instagram account (Which I opened for him and sometimes manage for him *Shhhh* don’t tell his followers LOL) and he is willing to be more generous with our life (He agreed to a marriage series after such a long time asking) I am now beginning to love the quiet life where someone will see me on the street and not be able to tell my life history because of my instagram account (I do that to people x_x) My policy now is, if anyone cannot learn from this, no need sharing but sometimes (Like today) I share random things just for the connection and for you to know me better and what and what i’ve been up to which is making me MIA.

I shared something like that a few videos ago on Youtube! You can check it out if you wanna see my beautiful face.

I’m of the opinion that August went by slowwwwwlyyy compared to July. Everyday just seemed to drag and drag along.. Anyone else agree? I will be sharing updates from July and August in no particular order.

On Improvements;

In my February update. The fact that I started video editing was mentioned and from then till now, my skills have improved but definitely not there yet. I have edited all my Youtube videos, you’d see the progression of the skills from the older videos. Last week,¬†I did my 2nd paid video editing job. Yay me! I can get used to the extra income.

Had a¬†shoot with my younger sister and I have not tried again since then, want to focus on video editing and I have an idea for a mini project. I will share when it’s done.

Birthday and Anniversary; 

Life Update1

Our anniversary Selfie

Life Update2

Surprise Birthday gift! Veryyyy Thoughtful gift!!!

Life Update3

We got a cake from my friend cakesbylonpe!

We have our celebrations back-to-back every year, I turned 26 and we turned 1. It was an amazing week-daysend *Lol* We took the days off and spent time together. Or should I do a “What I did for my Birthday” Post? ūüėĬ† Life Update4

Rekindled friendships;

Life Update5

Tochi and I

I hung out with my secondary school friend who got married and moved close to where I stay. It was an amazing evening. I really wish it wasn’t such a chore in this Lagos to meet up with people and hangout.

Trying new things; 

  • I have always be cautious of what and what I eat, if I wasn’t I think I would be fatter than what how I am right now. Before I got married, I had a gym membership close to my office that I went to after work 4 times a week. Asides all the constant “What weight are you losing” comments I loved it. But, as where we live now is too expensive for my Ijebu side, I can’t pay that too much money for gym membership. Plus, I don’t particularly like all those boring workouts without an instructor to push me but I enjoyed aerobics classes so, I found one dance workout online¬†(Burn to the beat) and it’s been awesome althoughhhhhh… I havn’t worked out in a while, I just tried to do stretches everyday but sweat-it-out workouts? Naah!! I should fix up.
  • I tried a new diet. I have never consciously gone on a diet before. The only thing that seemed like a diet was my NYSC year when I cut out red meat and I lost a ton of body fat. I still struggle to eat red meat now. You’d hardly find beef in my house. This time I wanted to go gangstar, I tried Whole30. ¬†I didn’t last more than one week, chai. I first heard of it on a Jon jorgenson‘s vlogs¬†When I saw it, I toyed with the idea of cutting out all these things and knowing that in the end it is good for me, I just wasn’t sure what and what I was gonna be eating in this Naija on that kinda diet then Sabirah started it in naija, I felt encouraged to start. I honestly tried for 1 week and it wasn’t like I didn’t have the self control because I was not craving all the excluded meals, I just ran out of options of what to eat that I went back to my regular food but now with controlled portions. Anyways, if there is someone that will cook the meals for me and I don’t have to worry about recipes. I’d definitely give Whole30 another try.Life Update 6 Life Update
Owambe; I’ve gone to so many weddings this year then the whole of 2014 and 2015 combined. Kilode? I even sewed asoebi. We had to decide not to pay for any asoebi after our dear friend gets married in September! Yep, that bad good. Lol. The upside is we have a couple of “anko” together now.
Life Update7

The family except Mummy!

Life Update8

¬†It is always fun for me to look back into my gallery to see how the months went, the pictures are the only memories that won’t fail me. Anyways, I am trying to compile articles for our new marriage series coming up! yaay! I’m excited about it. Look out for it.
marriage series- blank
Now, over to you. If ya not a private person. I want to know what’s been up with you lately?



Written by Arike