*wipes cobwebs*

*dusts chair and table*

I always laugh at people when I go to their blogs 6 months later and the last post is “I’m back” just typing this makes me laugh. So, I am back and not planning to go anywhere this time. I recently decided to go to my old blogs and I noticed that I was actually a consistent blogger once in my life. I know seasons have changed in my life but occasionally the love for the art keeps drawing me back and I usually feel like I am “left behind” in this fast paced internet life. With that left behind feeling, I end up not doing anything as I would have myself believe that it didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things and my voice would be drowned in the multitude of voices because media these days is about who can make the loudest noise and I neither have the time or resources to make any kind of noise.


I decided to do it anyways. I am reminded that I live for the audience of ONE and no one else.

So, I won’t be worried so much about aesthetics. I would just write (meaningful value adding content ofcourse) because what I noticed from reading my old blogs is that you write for the future because as long as the internet exists there is a potential of people stumbling on your blog and writing.

Why did I start my blog in the first place, do document my journey through my internship phase and it evolved and evolved and continues to evolve. So, instead of letting the change in the intermate (Yep! I just coined the word, Internet climate -_-) affect my process, I will focus on documenting.

In light of this; What has been going on with me since my last post?

Adjusting to motherhood: So much that I had to create a blog to document all my thought process and everything inbetween in order to deal with it. It has been a serious learning process. It has been one year since the journey started and it’s been an absolute deligth watching my baby grow. Like he literally grew before my eyes. It’s so amazing.

Journey into film making: I have focused on my youtube channel in the last year and also started my journey into film making. I enrolled in a film school and it has been an amazing experience. I am trying to document as much as possible on this journey. I have till the end of the year to complete the course and I am working hard at it.

basically, those are the major things happening with me.


What’s up with you lately?



Written by Arike