15th March 2017, Our lives changed forever! Cuddles made his grand entrance into the world and it’s been such a delight getting to know him. How he made the entrance I should leave that for a separate post. Today we are one month. I can’t say it went by so fast because we’ve gone through the process in the past 4 weeks, from my recovery and healing process, umbilical cord falling off drama, Circumcision, different suggestions of “What might be wrong”, sleeplessness to plenty google searches. Just like one of my Mummys will say it’s Joyful Stress.

Anyways, Meet Cuddles – What I called him before we officially named him.

First day!

He was born on the 15th of March 2017 with cute chubby cheeks and weighed 3.2kg.



We named him Olaoluwa Oluwanifemi David on the 7th day after his birth according to our culture.

Olaoluwa means Grace of God

Oluwanifemi means God loves me/Beloved of God

Cuddles has an interesting personality and for the first 3 weeks he was a #ChillBaby his routine was Eat, Sleep, poop in 2 Hour chunks but in the last one week he’s been fussing before he sleeps and after a couple of days this week, I think I finally learnt the trick for us to go back to the chilled baby boy life.

@ Day 6

He has the funniest facial expressions that can be used for memes, Mr O and I laugh alot at his expressions and there is one for every situation

I kent! I Laugh all the time. I also laugh when he crys, He has a funny version of his cry face but i’ve not been able to capture it yet because I am always in a hurry to soothe him.

He started turning his head from side to side while laying on  his tummy and we measured his height at 21 inches at the beginning of the week. He likes being held when he wants to fall asleep and doesn’t like the rocker – Untush child – and he now follows you with his eyes when you move or any object in front of him. He loves his mama!!

We’ve tried to capture everything from his birth via video and picture.

Cuddles @ 2 Weeks


We are so grateful for Olaoluwa, it’s such an honour watching him grow in the past one month. It’s just amazing how he brought so much joy into our home. We are indeed grateful!

Dear Cuddles, We are so grateful to God for counting us worthy to be your caretakers. We’ve absolutely enjoyed our first month with you and we’re looking forward to watching you grow. Our prayer for you is that you’d love the Lord and He would grant us the grace to bring you up in the way of the Lord. You will grow in stature and favour with God and man. Remember, God Love you, Mummy & Daddy Love you! Happy One Month!!

I navigate this new phase with the hashtag #CuddlesStories #NightlightswithCuddles on Instagram and also he has taken over my snapchat too. If you’re interested in my journey you can follow me @mfoluwa on both platforms. 



Written by Arike