One thing to do to spoil your wife

Happy wife, Happy life – Unknown


We naturally put our best foot forward before we get married and after you get married, things begin to sizzle out because we are not putting in as much effort as we did in the beginning. It is equally as important after you get married to keep the fire burning. It it the duty of both parties to ensure that they do the work it entails.

First let’s talk about our attitude as a couple towards spoiling each other;

  • Do not spoil the other person with the expectation of reciprocity. Do what you have to do because you want to do the right thing and not because you want it done to you in return.
  • Don’t ask! Do! Sometimes, that takes away from the fun.
  • Don’t complicate issues, the little things go a long way
  • Have fun.

Once we have our attitude right, we can go ahead with the action. I know that this is a something both parties have to work on, but I am speaking for the wives in the house today. You’d often hear how complex women are but I would say that we are very simple human beings, easy to understand and easy to get along with, which is why I am sharing just one thing that would do to spoil your wife and trust me, this is a one-size fits all action.

Pay attention!

Yes, Pay attention! If you really want to spoil your wife that is all you have to do. Pay attention to what she says she needs. Pay attention to what she doesn’t say she needs. This goes a long way as by paying attention on your part you can learn alot of things, like how she’s extremely tired and needs a massage or how she’s been going on and on about this new movie she wants to see and the list is endless. While there is no ONE gesture I can tell you that can certainly work for YOUR wife. This ONE action will definitely help you know what you need to do and what your wife will appreciate per time!

Remember; Happy wife, Happy Life.





  1. Lara says:

    Interesting post.

    I love your wedding pictures, so cute.

  2. Adenike says:

    Yes o pay attention n dats it.

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