Really! How are you?


How are you?

They hear the default “Fine” but not the silent sigh that comes after.

You are scared of your honest answer so you hope they just hear it.

You hope they just see it.

You hope they just see the screams of “I need help” pouring out of your eyes.

You can’t even make out the words if you try, so you just deep it in the pool of mask mixed with abit of culture and come out with the classic.


Can someone look past your “Fine”?

Will you let someone hear the screams of your eyes?

Will you?

Will you not let the society and cultural beliefs choke your voice?

Will you?

It’s okay to be vulnerable and truthful to someone! Let them be your shoulder, Let them pray for you! Let them hold you when your legs are weak!

If you have that person, When they ask you “How are you?”

Please, let them know how you are, really!!!

Have a blessed week!!!




  1. Gracey says:

    But its not really easy to open up… Most times i just respond and say fine to avoid further questions. Lol

    1. arike says:

      I can understand which is why I said “Someone you can Talk to” there must be atleast ONE person in this life you can talk to as against bottling things up inside.

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