Hello People!!!!!!! Happy new September!!!

I hope you all have had an amazing year so far? It’s the 9th month in the year already and while I want to say the year has gone so fast, I also know that it didn’t go by so fast. We all went through the 24 hours of each day whether it feels fast or not is all an illusion. Lol because I am sure we didn’t have 10 hours on some days and 29 hours on another.

Anyways, This month, I want my theme on the blog to be “Stay Connected”¬†from my end and hopefully from yours too. I don’t want you to be a stranger, I also want to try my best (by God’s grace) to be more generous with my life and not be a stranger. Share as much as we can so we can all grow to be who God has called us to be.

I think I would be able to start making videos again at the end of September. I will keep sharing old ones from my youtube channel till then.

I want to ask you for 2 things.

  1. Please, don’t be a stranger.
  2. If you read anything here that you think will be beneficial to anyone, Please share! Sharing is caring!!

When, I am also lagging… Hold me accountable too! ūüėÄ

Have a wonderful September and let’s stay connected!!!!!



Written by Arike