Photography: Afternoon with Toyosi Akibo

Hello People!! I hope you are having a lovely week? Those of you that know me from my old blog will know that I have a love for Photography which led me to meet my husband and probably seen my progress. I have not been taking pictures actively since we decided to work together. I do more managerial work for the photography company but I have since learnt sooooo much about photography and I recently picked up the camera to do a shoot for my ever faithful model.

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Season’s Greetings || Christmas Shoot with Toyosi Akibo


Merry Christmas People!

My Sister literally ‘blackmailed’ me into taking these pictures. Here’s how the conversation went

Her: Sis Tomi, Come and take me picture

Me: Huh? Picture ko

Her: But it will be Christmas shoot for your Blog

Me: Hmm…. When you say it like that.. Oya then!

So, She uses that to butter me up. Sigh! Here are some of the pictures we got above!!!

How are you spending your Christmas?

I am just going to be here celebrating my first Christmas with my husband. Let’s not forget that Jesus is the reason for the season and it is all about HIM!!


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Goals || December

  Hello People, Happy New Month and welcome to the last month of the year!! I am not so excited though – no particular reason – but I can definitely feel Christmas all thanks to the Harmattan. *Phew* Anyways, I have been feeling very disconnected from this blog because I just feel like I don’t have any direction for the blog in this season and whatever is worth doing is worth doing well right? Right.

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Happy New August ||Goals

Hello People!!! HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! Thank you so much for the love in my latest post, I really appreciate it. There was a glitch in the mobile comment section which has been fixed now. In this post, I requested for advice on how to manage my new ‘working from home’ arrangement and my boss told me to make to-do lists and I am very big on to-do list and that is probably the only routined habit I have been able to sustain and since we got married- after struggling for a few weeks – I have made it a point …

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#Photography: Be a light

Hello people, I haven’t shared anything on my photography here for a while, at the beginning of the year my friend Quedy reached out to a few ‘budding’ photographers to have like a challenge for the year and it was a brilliant idea. The idea was to have a challenge for every week to stretch our photography, ourselves and our skills. It was called #Project52PhotographyChallenge  but unfortunately the challenge didn’t make it past week 18 🙁 but personally I didn’t even make it past the 10th week. x_x But I will share the few pictures I have from the challenge and …

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