Hello People!!

How have you been? How has your week been? Mine has been going well and I’ve had to be deliberate about being grateful, So here are some of the things I am grateful for.

  • All the Ankara fabric in my ‘eru iyawo’*: The way it has been going I am in-between sizes with all the weight I have added and unfortunately there is no size 7 and most size 8 is too big. So, I am grateful for fabric that can be sewn to my exact size, now it remain to find a tailor that will actually deliver *fingers crossed*
  • Green Tea: This has been my feel-good-about-yourself-after-taking-junk-food fall back. Asides the health benefits of green tea, it makes me feel better and I am soo grateful -___-
  • My Sense of humour: I. AM. FUNNY!!! Have you seen me hang out with me before? Oh! Such an hilarious time!
  • Castor Oil: I started the challenge on African naturalistas and my edges has been better for it.
  • My Mother: Chai! She makes my shopping life so much easier! I mean what will I have done without her? I WOULD HAVE HAD TO GO TO THE ACTUAL MARKET… I suck at these things! I AM SOO GRATEFUL FOR HER! You see it in caps? It’s that serious people!
  • Social Media: As much as I want to let go of the distraction that comes with it, I am grateful for the connection to people it brings my way!!
  • Chingtok Ishaku and Olumide Iyun: Ah!!! My husband introduced me to Mr olumide iyun’s music over a month ago and booooyy!!! If you’ve not heard his songs and you’re interested i will send to you. We got Chingtok Ishaku’s cd on sunday and I had not heard of him before then but I have also not been able to stop singing the songs since then… God bless these worshippers! I am grateful for them. I will send the songs to anyone that wants it. Email me! ūüôā

Captured this on my way to church yesterday! ^_^

So, What are you grateful for today? This week? Share with me!



Written by Arike