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Welcome to #ThankfulThursday. I decided to do this abit differently today to share my friend’s Story. We have been childhood friends and i remember us talking alot right before he went for service and when this happened, you can imagine the horror!! I am forever grateful for him and I sat with him so we can tell the story! Viewer discretion is advised for the pictures and trust me it is nothing compared to the ones he sent me, I just couldn’t post them. Sorry in advance but away from that, it is a reminder for us to stay #Thankful



Youths obey the clarion call…

I heard the call, and it was to pack up my things and go to Benue state. I was happy to respond and hopeful for all the year would have to offer or so I thought. The 3 weeks went by in a breeze and came with new bonds and friendships, one that I am forever grateful for.

Let us lift our nation high…

Bitter-sweet emotions filled the atmosphere on that glorious morning. All clad in our crested vests, now re-sized kahki pants, ‘Tight’ Jungle boots and caps. You could feel  the relief, excitement and sadness through the passing out ceremony, the uncertainty of primary assignment posting and possible loss of budding friendships was unmistaking and here I was not knowing the fate that will befall in a few hours from now.

The orientation passing out parade went by in a breeze compared to the long hours of lectures we had received in the course of the 3 weeks and the long hours we had waited since we were forced up at 3 amthat same day. These last hours didn’t really matter because we were finally at the end! I mean we were at the beginning of the end and we were eager to know or atleast I was eager to know where in the Benue I would be spending the rest of my service year. I was somewhat excited because if you know me well, I love a good challenge and this was looking like it would be.

Under the sun or in the rain…

…boy did the sun deal with us that afternoon trying to get our posting letters? It did no less. Getting the letter was something else entirely *as it was more frustrating than doing your BankVerificationNumber registration on the said date of its closing* Running around till I finally got my letter after the long hours of queuing in the sun, I opened the letter and I found in it that I had been posted to “Otukpo” local government *exhales* -it was a fair one after all, compared to some other local governments you couldn’t get to but by crossing water with a canoe, from news we already heard on camp-. One thing this experience teaches you is how to think on your feet. Some of us had to quickly organize ourselves into the bus that was provided by the ‘Anglican Corpers Fellowship Of Nigeria (ACFON) Benue’ to make our journey, as neither the Local Government nor NYSC made any sort of provisions (irresponsibility) for us to ensure we got to our destinations safely. (irresponsibility) as we were clearly in an alien land we had never been here before you know, you never really know the exact time it takes and you’ve heard different durations from different sources.

“ah! Otukpo? It takes 3 hours oh! Be ready” another will say 4 and you might even hear 5 hours but despite the ‘tales’ we set out! because it was already getting into the late hours of the afternoon. Sitting close to a friend made the trip fun, we had a good laugh making fun of the scenery we were seeing driving through the villages, the most hilarious one was when we stopped to fuel the bus at a place I don’t even know whether to call a ‘filling station’ or a ‘one-pump station’ *Laughs again*, as there was only ‘one-pump’ with an an umbrella tied to it as a cover. There was A man by the pump and there was no building at all. I had never seen such in my life same as a lot of us on the bus. However, we filled our tank and left. Myself and quite a number of the other guys dozed off a couple of hours into the trip.

With dedication and selflessness…

That was my last memory of that trip. I woke up about 14-15 days later in the hospital been wheeled on a stretcher into an ambulance; I was to go for a CT scan at the scan centre. I had been in a coma all the while… I didn’t need to ask questions because I hadn’t lost my memory, I could remember where I last was and relating it to where I found myself after regaining my consciousness, I knew there had been an accident.

From that point all I was doing was thanking God for having kept me safe and alive despite the intense effect of the accident on me. I had been wrapped up with bandages from my waist, round my body and covering the right part of my face and up to my head.

At a point when I could finally stand up and walk, I went into the bathroom to do my business and I noticed that all the mirrors were covered, I knew my mother – I am eternally grateful for her – didn’t want me to find out something. At this time, I had not seen what I looked like after the accident, Who had time to ask for a mirror in between all the craziness? I gently removed one of the cloths she used to cover the mirror and then I knew that life as I knew it won’t be the same again. with the bandage covering the right part of my face and soon finding out that I had lost that eye and will only have use of one eye for the rest of my life, I felt really bad in the moment but when the Bible says “David encouraged himself in the Lord” it takes a whole new meaning when you look in the mirror to smile and you have 16 missing teeth and all you can hold on to is the fact that you are alive. All you have is Life and When there is life, there is hope. I stayed encouraged.

…Nigeria’s Ours, Nigeria we serve.

We went from one Hospital to another, passing through Series of surgeries just in a bid to ensure I got better both health wise and physically. I spent a total of about 11 months on the process, but basically it was JUST 9months within the corridors of the hospital(s). I’m sure you’re like “see this man, 9 months in the hospital and you’re saying just” Don’t mind me, I can be like that at times 🙂

I had series of surgeries at the hospitals at Benue, Enugu, Lagos and New Delhi India respectively. I was in the theatre during ONE of the numerous surgeries for 10 hours in India,

In India

and I came alive again and I’m still living till now, I guess that’s more than enough testimony for you. Though Several millions of naira had been spent on treatment in ensuring I got better and still spending to ascertain I remain better. I cannot tell you that the Millions we used through the process came easy – as we still have debts to repay- but God made it available. Never stop believing in God.

For me, I believe everything in life happens for a purpose and nothing in life happens outside the permission of God. we might see it as Evil, but God permits some lesser evils to happen in order to avert Greater Evils. I could have Died you know?
So everyday of my life, I keep appreciating the life God has given me, more so the fact that I can move around myself and help myself do every single thing any able bodied human being can do all by myself. it makes me appreciate life the more and gives me a positive insight about the fact that there’s nothing God can not do and there’s no situation HE can not change for the better. Even sometimes when I get low in my spirit, I just Inspire myself and charge up again believing all will be well. I smile a lot and I’ve affected lots of people with it because it makes me feel easy with myself .

I can’t say that Life after the accident as been all rosy as you soon realise that people see that you don’t have an eye before they even give you a chance to prove your worth. I’ve dug in my heels and gotten busy with running an Events planning while trusting God to do what only him can do.
whatever situation you’re going through, I’ve been through worse and I am still thankFULL. so what’s your excuse?

Stay Happy and be FOREVER thankFULL to God Almighty.

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What are you Thankful for today?

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Written by Arike