Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action. – Mother Teresa


I have never really considered myself a homemaker. Being domestic is one of my least favourite things to do, but when I do set my mind to doing domestic chores, I put in my best. So, definitely I am not qualified to be giving profession home designing advise but this is what worked for me as a new wife thrown into the domestic deep end by her husband. You see, my husband placed so much expectation on “his wife coming into his house” that I had to deliver. I understand that there are some guys that are already into their deco and know exactly what they want (Shout out to Ayotunde) but there’s something that their attention to detail can’t bring, read to the end to find out. 

I always described my husband’s house as “be quick and go” because the sofas were not comfortable and it all just didn’t screamed… “You have 5 mins, what do you have to say? Then leave” It wasn’t so inviting and simple uninviting deco. Here are a few things I did to transform the house and what I think you can do too;

Living area:

Accent Pieces; The aim is not to make drastic change but to work with what you have to just make it more like a home. Accent pieces like bringing in colour themed throw pillows, changing the clock, putting an Aerial rug, Little ornaments on the tv console and/or floating shelves can transform how the room looks and make it more inviting.

Learn how to make DIY no-sew Throw pillows

Go Big; I know I said you don’t want drastic change but it can be necessary sometimes. We can make big changes like Painting if your husband is a photographer like mine whatever you do you can only paint the walls white. You can change the chair set as well to fit your both your taste, Make or buy a bookshelf to fit your space, Change the tv console. You can do all or just one of them, whatever change you make will definitely have an impact on the transformation you are looking for.


Here are a few changes you can make in the kitchen;

  • Table top gas cooker to an actual gas cooker with an Oven
  • Change the set of plates and cutlery – They regularly don’t have more than 5 ceramic plates anyways
  • Colourful Hand towels and aprons


  • Bedside lamps
  • Get a bigger bed complete with bedside drawers
  • Beautiful and colourful bedding
  • Rug

And the most Important of all Your presence!! Yep! There will be something different about the house once you are in it. Don’t forget, it’s not really about all the work that you do to transform the house to a home but the love that we put in it.

Did you find this useful? What was your experience transforming a house to a home? or is it something you’re looking forward to? Let’s talk! 



Written by Arike