1. Itunu says:

    Even the phone camera quality is good o. What phone are you using, I need to tap into the blessing. lol
    lol@ posting boobs and then posting a picture of you raising hands. Yea, it’s contradictory. I love how you passed the message across. As christians, we advertise someone, we are ambassadors for Jesus Christ. He’s the name we proclaim and therefore musn’t do or post things contrary to what he teaches.

    I hope you feel better and your health is. Sorry for the blocked nose. xx!

    1. Arike says:

      Lol. I use a Samsung A3 or A5 I’m not even sure again (Phone is not with me to check) Yes! I am very better (I filmed that about 2 months ago) x_x

      Yes! we are ambassadors for Jesus.

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